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If apple make a 5 inches phone, I am definitely coming back. The current iPhone is too small for my huge hands.
You just could not be a little bit less of a sheep. You have not even seen or hold the actual product and you are already dismissing it simply because it's not Apple. Wow!
It is a prototype. And I wouldn't be surprised if they had smart watch prototypes laying around. You people need to stop wasting your time criticizing and defending big bcorporations don't give a hoot about you. Just enjoy their technology.
Carl icahn is a very influential guy. If anybody can make this happen, it is him. There is a reason why he is feared in the investment world. I hope Cook can stand up to him.
Most of you guys on this site have lose sense of reality. There is no way bing and yahoo's services are better than Google. Don't let your hatred blind you.
What makes you think that the apple used want just switch to Google?ad an apple user, I like Google services.
you know this is crap. Show me one place where the galaxy s4 is selling for that price.
I don't think it is the size of the iPhone five that is the problem. I think it's more of iOS. it looks outdated and scale. This is one of the reason why I moved to android. iOS just have a bunch of icons on the screen and this is not enough for me. That shit is way too simple. The user interface need to change.
The new Nexus 10 beat the iPad in all these categories-- Fast CPU, highest resolution, Modern looking OS, More RAM, and more overral features. 
B.S. Google has a lot great, useful services like youtube, finance (way better than yahoo, IMO), translate, drive, and calendar. You can be a fanboy and still recognize the contribution of companies like google make to internet. 
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