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Samsung forgot to send a check to you this month? I wonder if they will survive 2013?
I think we just heard from the Samsung representative. Maybe he didn't get this months check? Perhaps Samsung is having trouble making their normal payments?
I like Maps.
Actually iOS is an OS three of four different UIs all four of which (adding Mac OS X) are based on BSD Unix. What he is referring to, with respect to Android (a varient of Linux with a Java run-time environment on top), is that until Ice Cream Sandwich no attempt was made to take advantage of the larger scale display by showing more controls at once in a way that is differentiated from how the UI appears on an Android phone.   So iOS is a phone OS but not JUST a...
Having served with a number of ROK Marines, I have to say Koreans are my favorite Asian group (except for what they do to cabbages). Not as thin-skinned as the Chinese I have met and not as arrogant as the Japanese who I've lived among. I prefer Asians to most Europeans. Although South Africans, Aussies and the folks from Oz are who I get on best with.   Those are some attractive young people. Although I think the SGSIII is an attractive phone, I can't forgive the...
I enjoy the Daily. The price is right in comparison to the excellent WSJ and NYT apps. The design and responsiveness have improved greatly since it was introduced. I do think the unsubtle editorial voice bleeding through to the news section has cost it some readers. Plus the gossip section has become the entertainment section. There are some really good stories in the Daily and some great opinions, but you have to wade through a great deal of fluff to find them....
  CIOs probably love the idea because it requires the least thought on their part. They don't actually have to use the devices they force on everyone else (At least not to do anything the company gets paid for.).
Well if they had already planned to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, they might as well upgrade to Windows 8 since it is said to be less resource intensive than Win 7. Also Win 8 for the consumer would be more integrated with Surface and the XBox360.   But from my employer's perspective there really isn't anything wrong with Win XP that can be solved by Win 8. They will likely not upgrade until you can't purchase a new machine without it.
Not sure you can wipe with one but the sharper edge and smaller size of the iPhone make it ideal for uhhh scraping round the back so to speak. Seems like a severe water hazard and makes one less likely to hold the phone to your face afterwards.
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