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It's great that you have a holier than thou attitude and feel the need to disregard rules that you disagree with.  Perhaps I should start murdering folks I don't care for because I don't like the rules that say I can't.
I don't believe Apple will be making a 15" Air anytime soon. I can however see the allure of a larger screen, battery and portability of such a computer.  I also don't feel it would need to have a retina display as this could be one more thing to differentiate the Air from the Pro line.
For someone who has been fighting the good fight for 30 years you ought to know if they didn't go down in the 90's, they will not be going down anytime soon.
Very nice!  I have to agree with others, an iPad app & ad free version would be excellent!  
So let me get this straight...iTunes 10 was a horrible mess that needed to be fixed ASAP and now iTunes 11 is a horrible mess that needs to be fixed ASAP.  Is anyone ever happy?  Have we lost sight of the adapt and overcome part of life?
I like where you are heading with this but I think it a ways off yet.  Most people I know still have a TV in their bedroom and while not the most used device in the house, it's definitely used.
While in some instances this may be true, often people in a low socioeconomic class make poor choices and buy whatever they want.  They get welfare and other government handouts but always have plenty of money for beer, cigarettes and other unnecessary items.
Perhaps my expectations of the display were too high.  I assumed the reduction is size would make the pixels less obvious but could not see past it.  The size, weight, and portability of the Mini were great and as some have said I think it could replace the larger iPad for me.   I have to admit I never considered a returned product ruined as a new device.  I find it easier to purchase online and use it in real life situations as the Apple Store is often too crowded and...
You are welcome to your opinion.  Notice I didn't say the display was terrible, however after using a retina iPad, retina iPhone, and retina MacBook Pro it's easy to notice the difference.
I have to agree.  I thoroughly enjoyed the mini but ultimately returned it due to the display.
New Posts  All Forums: