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You wouldn't have a clue. If you're claiming disruptive technology, take the car industry. The Toyota Prius is now 17 years old and Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bugatti et al aren't exactly quaking in their boots. In fact Ferrari reported record profits, revenues and net financial position this last financial year. People with money (and taste) do not want computers on their wrists.
Shh...don't tell the Israelis
Apple Marketing Department not doing their homework before dreaming up a cute name for their button. FAIL.
Aah...good old Apple Australia. We pay more than the US and get less for our trade-ins
Hope so. This has been bugging me for 18 months
Perhaps women just aren't interested in technology careers. Kinda hard to get your 20,000 words out as a programmer ;-)   It's like the (failed) push to get more men into teaching.
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