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Lot of advertising money being spent on a 'hobby' 
There's a forum for thathttp://forums.appleinsider.com/f/17/politicaloutsider
Good excuse for a shopping trip to Sydney. And claim back the GST when you leave.
Quelle surprise
Yes and that is why smart investors diversify.
Perhaps the author should watch Fassbender in '12 Years a Slave' where he won four acting awards and was nominated for no less than 26 others.
Try doing a little research before you spout crap: http://www.swatchgroup.com/en/services/archive/2015/half_year_report_2015
It will also help Sog self-ban
Apple iPhone. Choice of smart criminals worldwide   /s
 Fine. Just expect to sell less stuff (would you pay USD1,079 for a 16GB iPhone 6s)?
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