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The rose gold makes the antenna lines even more of an eyesore. But hey they'll be covered by a case, right?
With GM and Ford shutting down manufacturing in Australia next year, there's a couple of available car factories Apple 😁
You want to explain this disruption to us?
You got that right. Try saying "Siri, where's the nearest watering hole in Barangaroo?"
Even Apple with their billions can't make Siri understand Kiwi English 😉
Hogwash. The iPhone disrupted the cellphone space the moment is was introduced. The iPad likewise the notebook space (killed off netbooks). Apple TV has disrupted NOTHING.
Yes RIP Force Touch. It's an oxymoron anyway.
So can anyone explain how the Pro supports itself like in the third photo from the top? There's no kickstand, right?
Ah, RIP the much maligned Mini 3
Get ready to self-ban Dude.
New Posts  All Forums: