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Wow - I learnt a new word today. But rather esoteric usage...   decorticate [diːˈkɔːtɪˌkeɪt] vb 1. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Botany) (tr) to remove the bark or some other outer layer from 2. (Medicine / Surgery) Surgery to remove the cortex of (an organ or part)
"kinetic energy gathering device (502)"   An automatic wristwatch then, circa 1923. But fanbois will scream "innovation!"
Works for me ;-)  
Ahh...Rundle Mall...finally getting a makeover after 37 years   The Spheres, known colloquially as "The Mall's Balls"
Oh oh...I can see Backlightgate coming...
Unlike your Luis Vuitton man purse right?
 Would you like to qualify this?
Have you consider the manufacturing cost of the 4S? The margins would be too small. Hence the plastic phone.
Ahh...the fine print...well spotted ;-)
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