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I thought only Microsoft was guilty of bloatware? 
It's time for the Time Team  
What the hell makes someone a "verified celebrity" nowadays? Does the McDonald's Kidnap Guy qualify?   http://www.toledoblade.com/Police-Fire/2013/05/24/Ohio-kidnap-hero-gets-free-McDonald-s-for-year.html
Amusing that the 'STOCKS' ticker is showing MSFT and IBM rather than AAPL...  
This should quieten the "but the iPhone 5 only costs $199" crap.
Why would iPhone 5S need a new processor? Is iOS 7 more bloated?
Is that a torch app bottom left?  
Can we take Sir Jony's knighthood back now?   Straight from the Hello Kitty design manual
I believe you have the wrong Nationality
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