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Trees and a waterfall? It's skeuomorphism gone mad!
Yep "holiday classic" alright
Why would a monk want an iPhone? Aren't they supposed to have taken a vow of silence? Oh wait...there's always the Jesus app ;-) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jesus-evangelism-tool-by-mobile/id318621078?mt=8
I'm still waiting for this to take off  
= 50,000 sales = 5,000,000 sales
The iPhone 7 will have a wrap-around display in order to keep two groups happy:   1. Analysts who insist that Apple should have a big screen phone in their lineup. 2. Appleinsiders who insist that a 4" phone is perfect and anything bigger can't be used with one hand.
I'm not so sure. He was online around an hour ago. And his latest posts have been tame...
Xiaomi would be a good punt  http://techinasia.com/xiaomis-singles-day-flash-sale-shatters-records-as-the-company-sells-over-200000-smartphones-in-under-3-minutes/
New Posts  All Forums: