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Price in Australia went from $539 to $599. And even the iPad 2 went up $20!   Apple you $uck
Wow. Not many of us saw that name coming!
Watching my first ever Apple keynote. At 4:00 in the morning
Simple - 12" iPad. TS will be happy.
No but your paranoia amuses us.
MS Surface ad: Twats dancing and clicking covers. Apple 5C ad: Twats saying "Mr Mojito" and "Miow".   Them's the target audience...
My iPad 2 ran like a dog turd with 7. Hope my new iPad 5 works better
Of course they did. Plastic phone rumours were out for months. Plastic equates to cheap in most people's minds.
I wonder how much cheaper the Bosch part is?
   Quote: Why is iPhone 5S outselling 5C then?
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