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Great. Now would they fix the Safari crashing issue?
I had one of the MacBook Pros with the faulty NVIDIA GPUs. It failed after 2.5 years and Apple quoted more than the machine was worth to replace the motherboard.   Under Australian consumer guarantee laws I would have been covered as a notebook PC is expected to last longer than 2.5 years.   Unfortunately I had bought the MBP in the US so I was screwed
                                             ^                                          This
Bieber would be an ass-ome brand ambassador for iPhone 5c  
Trees and a waterfall? It's skeuomorphism gone mad!
Yep "holiday classic" alright
Why would a monk want an iPhone? Aren't they supposed to have taken a vow of silence? Oh wait...there's always the Jesus app ;-) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jesus-evangelism-tool-by-mobile/id318621078?mt=8
I'm still waiting for this to take off  
New Posts  All Forums: