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A lot of early owners are reporting that the screen seems ''flexy''.
Go on...say iPad AIR...it doesn't hurt, really.
Ironically the plug doesn't have a ground pin because the charger is an insulated device. So yes could have been made smaller. Which would have led to a thinner box more in keeping with the 'Air' mantra.
Got mine. Have to admit that it's actually heavier than you would think by looking at it (and despite the hype) but nice upgrade from my 2 anyway.   The queue The box The goodies
$4.5B for a 64-bit chip and Touch ID? I could have done it for 4.4
"Sharp blamed for Retina iPad mini shortages"   On a product that isn't even on sale yet. Dumb sensationalist headline.
"The SIM slot, meanwhile, has been trimmed down to support nano-SIMs (instead of micro-SIM)".   Might be an issue for some.
If only I had a penny for every time this was said...
Here in Australia people are baulking at paying $739 for a plastic phone. So they're available to ship within 24 hours. For 5s there's a 2-3 week wait.
Yeah mine ran like a P.O.S. So I downgraded to 6.1.3 and flogged it on the 'Bay 
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