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More photos  
Now we know the target audience...  
Well when I joined almost 3 years ago, I believed that it existed for providing Insider knowledge into the world of Apple. Now it seems to be a forum for whiny fanboys.
You're in the minority here then. Most AI posters believe that everyone in the entire world should own an iPhone otherwise they are stupid/poor/.
I lost my volume indicator with beta 4. Anyone else? Will try beta 5 tonight.
We Windows Phone users don't need to be nannied on how to unlock our phones.    
Who exactly is going to make 3rd party RETAIL PACKAGING?
They also eat...baby food... Anyhoo I was just looking for a fun description of the caramel colour in the photos
So you think that someone has gone to the trouble of injection moulding and screen printing HUNDREDS of little boxes just to mess with our minds?
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