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Potential owners are going to get tired of charging their iWatches every night after being used to 5-year battery longevity on quartz watches.
we stole Apple's property?
How about three Toyota 86's for the price of a Boxster? 
Don't forget iPhone Air (just to piss TS off) 
What is Apple's aversion to NFC? All retailers in Australia are installing NFC readers for contactless payment. iPhone owners have to attach a chip embeded in a sticker...
Back to the real world, Apple's decision to gimp the backlighting is already resulting in a lot of returns due to screen uniformity issues. Fortunately my copy seems to be OK.   http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1665350  
Yes it should be called the 12.2GB. And if you download all the free apps you're down to 8GB (did someone say "Surface"?)
A lot of early owners are reporting that the screen seems ''flexy''.
Go on...say iPad AIR...it doesn't hurt, really.
Ironically the plug doesn't have a ground pin because the charger is an insulated device. So yes could have been made smaller. Which would have led to a thinner box more in keeping with the 'Air' mantra.
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