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we stole Apple's property?
How about three Toyota 86's for the price of a Boxster? 
Don't forget iPhone Air (just to piss TS off) 
What is Apple's aversion to NFC? All retailers in Australia are installing NFC readers for contactless payment. iPhone owners have to attach a chip embeded in a sticker...
Back to the real world, Apple's decision to gimp the backlighting is already resulting in a lot of returns due to screen uniformity issues. Fortunately my copy seems to be OK.   http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1665350  
Yes it should be called the 12.2GB. And if you download all the free apps you're down to 8GB (did someone say "Surface"?)
A lot of early owners are reporting that the screen seems ''flexy''.
Go on...say iPad AIR...it doesn't hurt, really.
Ironically the plug doesn't have a ground pin because the charger is an insulated device. So yes could have been made smaller. Which would have led to a thinner box more in keeping with the 'Air' mantra.
Got mine. Have to admit that it's actually heavier than you would think by looking at it (and despite the hype) but nice upgrade from my 2 anyway.   The queue The box The goodies
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