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Bieber would be an ass-ome brand ambassador for iPhone 5c  
Trees and a waterfall? It's skeuomorphism gone mad!
Yep "holiday classic" alright
Why would a monk want an iPhone? Aren't they supposed to have taken a vow of silence? Oh wait...there's always the Jesus app ;-) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jesus-evangelism-tool-by-mobile/id318621078?mt=8
I'm still waiting for this to take off  
= 50,000 sales = 5,000,000 sales
The iPhone 7 will have a wrap-around display in order to keep two groups happy:   1. Analysts who insist that Apple should have a big screen phone in their lineup. 2. Appleinsiders who insist that a 4" phone is perfect and anything bigger can't be used with one hand.
New Posts  All Forums: