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So what does Surface offer that would compel me to give up my notebook?
iPad Air Parody (didn't take long)   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Enbhb-mY69Y
How come iPad Air only displays "iPad" on the casing?  
We love it when you talk dirty
I have a problem with this statement. Who exactly determines what a full-size tablet is? Sony could argue that their Xperia Z (10.1") is the lightest full-size tablet as the 9.7" iPad is a smaller device...???
When the Australian dollar was worth USD1.15 we were still paying $539. Apple Tax strikes again.
Price in Australia went from $539 to $599. And even the iPad 2 went up $20!   Apple you $uck
Wow. Not many of us saw that name coming!
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