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When installing a new OS, click is required because the track pad drivers haven't been loaded yet. Presumably Apple will have to utilise a driverless touch sensor.
Got my first Safari crash after 72 hours.
If it isn't fixed, my iPad Air is going back to Apple. Consumer's Guarantee Act "Not fit for purpose".
Like Mel Gibson?
Just a thought...is there anything stopping me creating a game named "Kandy Krush"?
Ahh common sense. I wonder if Rovio tried to patent the words "angry" and "birds"?
Quote:Explain to all of us once again how one copies something that doesn't exist.
I wish BMW would adopt Apple's pricing policy here in Australia (US price x exchange rate + 10% GST).   That would lead to a 328i being $42,000 instead of the $68,900 we get slugged
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