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$549 ($679 in Australia) off contract is still too expensive. Unless they gimp the RAM of course...
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Perhaps that's because web browsing on a larger screen is a better experience.
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  http://www.imore.com/ios-version-codenames   Microsoft also likes ski resorts. Whistler = Server 2002, Longhorn (after a Whistler-Blackcomb bar) = Vista, Blackcomb = Windows 7
OS 10.9 Clouded Leopard   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clouded_leopard   'nuff said
Good choice  
People, it's called variety (as in the spice of life). Samsung provides it, Apple doesn't.   Imagine two car companies. One offers a full range - economy models, trucks and sports cars. The other offers only three sedans. And two of those are the same car but with different engines. They may be the best engineered cars in the world but customers want variety.
You should have stuck with the iPad 2 then.
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