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Get ready to self-ban Dude.
There's a bus stop near my home advertising the new Ford Ranger Pickup. The tag line is "Stay connected with WiFi Hot Spot". It's a fricken' car for God's sake. Are buyers not more concerned with performance, gas mileage, towing capacity, resale value etc? Keep your hands and eyes off the tech and concentrate on the road, Morons.
Finland is just fine. 9th on the list of countries by wealth per adult. You have to scroll down a bit to find USA...
Wow, 3 pages of comments and not a peep from Sog who has his life savings invested in AAPL...
Tax avoidance might be legal, doesn't make it right.
I don't think wrist computers are supposed to tick.
I believe that he's also going to ban himself if Apple doesn't shift 15,000,000 watches in 12 months. How he's going to measure this though when Apple doesn't report watch sales beats meĀ 
Wrong as usualhttp://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887324787004578495250424727708
You forgot GST and 'Apple Tax'. It's AU$499 here in OZ.
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