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That's OK. Apple doesn't pay any taxes anyway... /s
      /\   THIS. The Internet has revolutionized our lives (along with the PC).
Meh, just change it to iTunes Store.    Actually iTunes is a bit of a misnomer now as it manages movies, TV shows, eBooks and apps...
Are people not using Cloud services?
So why didn't Apple just add Touch ID silently to the Mini 2 like they upgrade MacBook CPUs regularly (Mini 2 "Late 2014").Marketing it as a 'new' model (and raising the price here in Australia) was just cynical.
You would have to have your nose pressed against the screen to detect stereo separation.
I think the idea is to look like Lisa Jobs Jobs Portman
For anyone who purchases an expensive mechanical wristwatch, you are expected to have it serviced every 5 years. This can often cost $500~800.   Apple could adapt this model where you take your watch in for service after let's say 3 years and get a new CPU, battery and screen.
Meh, crims have been using BlackBerries for years. They'll always be one step ahead of law enforcement. Besides more kids are killed by faulty phone chargers.
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