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Ah crap...flat battery on my cell phone...now where did I hide that key again?
I'll believe it when I see it...
Who cares? AAPL up $11
Good for you. Why don't you sell up and retire to the Bahamas?
He was talking about storage in general. The new 8GB iPhone 5c ships with 4.9GB available to users. Apple's newly free Garage Band, iMovie, iPhoto and iWork apps together weigh in at nearly 3GB http://www.apple.com/au/iphone-5c/built-in-apps/ That leaves around 2GB according to my high school maths.
 Ditto. I've already be burned once by Apple's GPU failures (Nvidia 8600M GT).
Tim doubling down on security again (OK I couldn't resist).
Swiss Engineering vs Made in China
FAIL THIS is why people spend thousands of dollars on watches: 
The Australian Dollar has risen 4 cents against the USD in the last month and is tipped to go even higher in coming weeks. And Apple wants to increase prices? I guess they're just building in some fat for the impending tax bill once the 'Double Irish' sham is busted. 
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