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That's OK. Apple doesn't pay any taxes anyway... /s
      /\   THIS. The Internet has revolutionized our lives (along with the PC).
Meh, just change it to iTunes Store.    Actually iTunes is a bit of a misnomer now as it manages movies, TV shows, eBooks and apps...
Are people not using Cloud services?
So why didn't Apple just add Touch ID silently to the Mini 2 like they upgrade MacBook CPUs regularly (Mini 2 "Late 2014").Marketing it as a 'new' model (and raising the price here in Australia) was just cynical.
You would have to have your nose pressed against the screen to detect stereo separation.
I think the idea is to look like Lisa Jobs Jobs Portman
For anyone who purchases an expensive mechanical wristwatch, you are expected to have it serviced every 5 years. This can often cost $500~800.   Apple could adapt this model where you take your watch in for service after let's say 3 years and get a new CPU, battery and screen.
New Posts  All Forums: