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Here it is. Apologies for the accent. http://youtu.be/7lhXOgJ8ahA
iPhone queues and terrorism raids. Welcome to modern Australia.
Never buy first gen.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_stabilization#Optical_image_stabilizationNokia have had it for years. You'll also hear the hype about 'Focus Pixels' (Apple's name for Phase Detection Autofocus).Useful in a DSLR for tracking fast moving subjects, of dubious worth in a cellphone.http://www.trustedreviews.com/samsung-galaxy-s5_Mobile-Phone_review_samsung-galaxy-s5-camera-hardware_Page-6
2014 "Dad just died and left me his Rolex Submariner 'Bond'"   2064 "Dad just died and left me this shi**y Apple iWatch"
Problem is no man is going to wear that. It looks like an oversized bangle.
Sounds like the ideal guy to design the iWatch /s
The crystal in a quartz watch regulates the time, it doesn't charge the watch. You know that little button battery that you get changed at the Mall every 5 years? That's the power source. Kinetic generators are the answer to better battery life:http://inhabitat.com/mit-unveils-tiny-kinetic-generator-that-produces-100-times-more-power-from-small-vibrations/
Thanks Tim. Meanwhile I'll stock up on a little more AAPL before the dust settles
So which of you clowns still thinks that Samsung or the credit card companies are behind this?
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