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You do realise that Apple still relies heavily on Samsung for supplying microprocessors, memory and LCD screens don't you?
That'll complete the set after gay emoji  
My vote goes for Cartman to play Jobs  
Track 1: Booty Booty Booty Track 2: Luv ma Booty Track 3: Shake dat Booty (ft Nicki Minaj) Track 4: Booty poppin' etc...
Now we just need Jony Ive to come out and that will explain the GUI in iOS 7/8   /s
I feel like I'm on the InvestorInsider forums...
iFixit link down. How much RAM?
Are we likely to ever get a breakdown of 6 vs 6 Plus sales? A lot of folks believe that the Plus heralds the death knell of the iPad Mini.
Meh. At $619 for 16GB I think I'll pass on this one.
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