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The crystal in a quartz watch regulates the time, it doesn't charge the watch. You know that little button battery that you get changed at the Mall every 5 years? That's the power source. Kinetic generators are the answer to better battery life:http://inhabitat.com/mit-unveils-tiny-kinetic-generator-that-produces-100-times-more-power-from-small-vibrations/
Thanks Tim. Meanwhile I'll stock up on a little more AAPL before the dust settles
So which of you clowns still thinks that Samsung or the credit card companies are behind this?
You mean Academy Award winning actor Jennifer Lawrence? Smacks of misogyny.
Next you'll be saying that Samsung is behind it
1. You leave your house without locking the front door and someone enters and steals all your stuff.2. Someone breaks a back window in your house, enters and steals all your stuff. Both are burglary.
Thing is, Samsung has been a lot more successful after it stopped copying Apple...  
Bollocks. It will be a marketing decision. Sell everyone a 4.7"phone then make them so envious a few months later that half will upgrade to 5.5".
Quote:They won't sell any to those folks that claim "The 4" is the perfect size" or "I need to use my phone one handed"...
New Posts  All Forums: