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But will it blend?
[c] for Canine  
If the 5s is free, then do they PAY THE CUSTOMER to take a 5c? ¡
White. Then the kiddies can add a colored case if they want it to match their pants.
Are you seriously comparing the pace of technology innovation in the year 2013 to the Seventies? Really???
And neither apparently does Apple. But others are reporting it as such Apple launches low-cost smartphoneApple Expected to Increase Marketing Presence Abroad with Low-Cost iPhoneApple's Low-Cost iPhone 5c Officially Announced - IGN‎Apple Unveils Low-Cost iPhone 5C in 5 Colors - MashableApple Unveils $99 Low-Cost, Multi-Colored iPhone 5C - PC MagazineApple announces low-cost iPhone 5C - NeowinApple unveils iPhone 5C, a new, low-cost iPhone
Defend this TS  
iPhone 5c(hildren) $739 and $869 here in Australia. This phone is unapologetically aimed at the US market.
Malaysia thieves steal finger   http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4396831.stm
You heard wrong 
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