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Stop trolling, ScreamingFist! You're not welcome here. IronTed
This is called payback if you believe in Karma. Do you know how many lives the Japanese killed during the WW2 when they attacked China, especially in Nanking? And with the current high yen, Japanese automakers are making less cars in local factories and start moving production overseas. China would not be stupid enough to let yuan go that high. And you are right, the Japanese have only themselves to blame.
I dont care what u do buddies. Just give me the best iPhone ever! IronTed
I knew it! It's one of the alien motherships for the Greys! lol
I think you're going to regret it. I lost my iPhone 3GS and got myself a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and guess what? The animation on the phone was never smooth. It's always jerky. The apps are basically crap compared to the iOS version. If you're going to run a lot of apps and love the smooth experience only available on iOS devices, I suggest you keep your iPad or get a iPod Touch instead. Just use the Droid as a phone and nothing else. Not even surfing simply because...
Camera+ is still one of the top apps sold on App Store. Scott Forstall sees it as a great idea, that's why they approved it 9 months later. You can't blame Scott Forstall, who is as close to Steve Jobs as you get. Charlie Miller violated the Terms of Use, and also pissed off Scott Forstall. He deserved to be banned, because he abused the trust Apple gave in him, no matter how genius he is. (He formerly worked for NSA where they used secure versions of NeXTStep during...
Yes, David. I'm working hard to become Doctor Evil too! :>
I'm so excited! Shogun of the Macintosh IronTed
So all these suppliers are Taiwanese, and they all have factories in China to supply Apple. Do they think they can pollute China just because China has more lax standards? Do you think China is some kind of third world dumping ground? If you(Foxconn, Pegatron, Wintek, Catcher) can't manufacture responsibly in mainland China, I suggest you go home to Taiwan and do your dirty manufacturing there! IronTed
New Posts  All Forums: