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I know something was wrong when I saw Phil Schiller's glum face on the stage twice already. Yet Tallest Skil convinced me otherwise. Looks like it was true after all. Everyone else online including on Yahoo Answers said he was dying. I thought he's just skinny because he doesn't eat meat. Schiller even changed his email address to pschiller@apple.com. Steve, I promise from now on I will be a better person and treat others like my brothers and sisters. You teached...
Man, SJ looks so good in this picture! Whatever that happened to him was so unfair!
It's the end of jailbreak for all you know. But it would mean more app revenue for Apple and the developers. It's a good thing for me as a shareholder too.
Dude, I don't know why you're using this analogy. Dreamworks was funded by Paul Allen's money, but it has nothing to do with Bill Gates or Microsoft at all. Besides, I really like Dreamworks' movies. They are different and more mature than Pixar's movies. Your analogy is completely off-base!!!! From the picture, you could see Apple's icons are gorgeous as hell. But DED, why the hell did you name it as Win8start.001.jpg? Do you really like Windows, or you want...
It seems everyone wants to copy Apple's integrated approach. Apple's philosophy is called "Beautiful Software in a Beautiful Box." But i doubt any of the competitors would have beautiful software or box.
I'm curious and just want to put up a question here, how many you know have ever rediscovered successfully from neuroendocrine cancer? Ted
i could see it as a replacement for Windows Mobile Auto.
Where's Toshiba?
Yeah I did! Anyway, thanks for clearing this up. I feel much better now
Hello buddies! I am sorry but I have to ask some tough questions. I noticed Steve Jobs was getting skinnier the last time I saw him. So I would like to know: (a) Does Steve Jobs still have cancer? (b) Is getting skinnier an ominous sign? I am seriously worried after I read some comments on sites like 9to5mac.com. Hence, I'm very anxious to hear your thoughts on this. But I hope I'm just worried too much. Thanks. IronTed
New Posts  All Forums: