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Wintards, just like Droidtards, are tasteless!
Droidtards should get lost! All Droid phones are made of cheap-looking plastic! They have no taste! The Vic guy dares to compare SJ to the Big Brother? He himself is a former Microsoft exec. Bill Gates is the Big Brother, not SJ.
Hi Cloudgazer! I think your comments are the best and most relevant on AI.
You can buy any Apple stuff at an Apple Store. That's what I call PARADISE! We need no stinking Best buy!
It seems Apple has to add new features to sell every generation of iPhone.
The Mac now has 35% of the enterprise PC market.
Steve Jobs outsmarted Google!
Give a knockout punch to Randall Stevenson.
"The presence of the LTE patents has raised concerns that the winner of the auction could gain an unfair advantage over competitors in the 3G 'arms race.'" It's 4G arms race, not 3G, Katie!
On another note, here's why RIM is going down: Their Blackberry OS is buggy as hell. http://www.streetinsider.com/Analyst...R/6591395.html "According to BoyGeniusReport (BGR), RIM has been forcing carriers to accept its products which would normally not make it through the "Technical Acceptance" phase, as RIM looks to keep itself afloat before new product launches in 2012. Technical Acceptance comes after internal testing by the manufacturer of an OS software...
New Posts  All Forums: