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Great artists steal!!!! LOL!!!!!
BTW, $70 billion is not a really big deal. GE has $120 billion in the bank, mostly overseas.
I am equally pumped!(Raising my fist) It's the end of Microsoft and Dell.
Which hacker group do u think is responsible for the hacking? Your guess is as good as mind. Shogun of the Macintosh, IronTed
Google is so disgusting! They always want to copy from Apple.
No, I don't agree with you. This is truly disgusting! It appalls me that in this age and time, there's still racial discrimination. And no, there's no dress code at any Apple Store, unlike IBM. You can dress in any comfortable way you want. And you can speak with any accent. Prejudice is not an excuse for discrimination. Steve Jobs will never approve of this. He's a Buddhist, and a vegetarian. He's the most humble person you will ever come across. He would...
But it looks too much like a Blackberry. I prefer the iPhone 5 to look like a mini Macbook Air.
Macintosh. Insanely Great!
China is the New Frontier, where Apple has not gone before.
PenTile is crap, not suitable for reading and iBooks. The less dependent Apple is on Samsung, the better. Besides, there are other display providers (LG Display, Sharp, ... etc)
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