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In Apple we Trust!
Google and Amazon are amateurs. They don't want to pay for anything.
I am sure the carriers will be mad with Microsoft, and wonder whether they will sell Windows 7 Phones now.
This is truly disgusting! This proves why China is still behaving like a Third World Country while they are going on their way to becoma a First World Country? Ever heard of scalping in Japan? Is Apple condoning scalping in China? Doesn't Apple have a policy that each person can only buy one iPad? We do have a policy in the US while every one can at most buy two iPhones. It seems the Apple management is keeping one eye shut. I am not foolish enough to let myself be...
I am glad that there are concerned readers like you on AI. However, developing countries like Brazil and China. They have huge growing population. And they make only $1 dollar a day. They need all the jobs they can get. A big company like FoxConn is enough to raise the daily wages of Brazilians and provide hundreds of thousands of jobs.And if Apple is not to rely on FoxConn, who are they going to rely on. FoxConn is the biggest contract manufacturer in the...
Whoa I'm so happy! Lion Server is now virtualized, not to mention it's free with unlimited CALs! And the next Mac Pro will be really exciting. It will look like a Nextstation pizzabox with 3U height. Here's the picture! All Mac shops will now have a path to upgrade. One of them is my favorite CNBC! Happy days are back! Oh yeah Oh yeah! Defender of the Mac, IronTed
Apple sold 2 million Apple TVs at $99 a piece. That's $200 million to the top line. So who wins?
How much did you pay in rupees for the iPad 2?
LOL I emailed Steve and advise to have great foods and less stress.
LOL Amazon is a fucking amateur when it comes to music. What is the point of uploading your own music and stream them to you when you can stream them form your own device. Not to mention most of the music are probably pirated MP3 music. In another news, Amazon Elastic Cloud suffered a major outage and now has entered its second day. Customers are furious. http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-20...?tag=mncol;txt Are you going to trust an amateur like Amazon to...
New Posts  All Forums: