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now I know those Android articles are a bunch of liars. There's nothing to worry about Apple. I can now concentrate on writing great apps for the Mac and iPhone.
OH God! Did you see that the video on the Xoom is laggy as hell? What a piece of crap!
McNamee's words woke me up. The iPad is the new Desktop PC. I should have stopped insisting to sell more Mac in the enterprise.
I haven't seen Daniel the Brat's articles on AI for a while. This is plain wrong! I would like to see AppleInsider and RoughlyDrafted Magazine to enter into a co-marketing agreement. That way we can "Distort the Reality further and Tell People to Think Different" and buy more Apple products. That's my Grand Scheme. And every iFan on the Planet has to own at least one Mac, there's no excuse! "Macintosh. Insanely Great!" IronTed
Don't trust the Gartner numbers. They are Microsoft paid shill. It's clear Apple outsold Acer in USA and has far higher profit margin. And how the hell did they get another 500k units for Acer?
I believe you could access the cloud services from the Smart TV which will debut this year. Of course I hope it wouldn't be named Smart TV because that's not what I suggested to Steve. Very exciting time indeed! I hope someone will spare me more change to buy Apple stock.
I don't think many people understand Steve Jobs. Here's one great site on Steve: http://www.allaboutstevejobs.com/bei...rk/3-work.html And for those of you still want to save Xserve, it's time to let it go. Steve once said any product that makes no profit must go.
This is so cool! It would become a dominant standard, and serves as the launching pad for Apple's Smart TV and TV Thunder platform.
Windows should be made available on cheap textbooks
I can finally read cheap textbooks on Windows 8 for tablets.
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