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    As jragosta noted, this patent was part of a real product created by Borlands, not some idea never implemented.  I do hate that these companies exist just to litigate a profit, but on the flip side if I'm an inventor with a great idea but no capital or backing to actually create a product, and one of these IP holding companies offered me substantial cash, I'd most likely take it.  Just because I think they're entitled to it doesn't mean I don't think they're pricks....
So many updates, so little bandwidth...
Somewhere Microsoft softly weeps at the death of Photosynth... I recently rediscovered Photosynth and I'm pretty impressed with it, but having a panorama mode baked right into the OS/camera app pretty much seals it's fate as an app on my phone.
I got an email from Best Buy this morning that said they would take pre-orders in store for availability Sept 21st. That may be an option for some assuming Best Buy has a reserve of devices.
Rather than discontinue the iPod touch, which I don't see happening for a very long time, add a mobile chip to so it can be an add on device for these shared data plans. Then launch a VoIP service. I think it's $10 to add a "tablet" to a shared data plan vs the 30-40ish for a smartphone.I'd be surprised to see it but I'd be in for a couple for my kids, as long as I could set limits on their data use.
Apple TV (set top) update?
Twice a year if you consider the same for the iPad.
So if I'm stuck out in a snow storm and have to call for help, will I be able to unlock my phone?
Don't care...ship my iPad already...sitting in Nashville for almost nearly a week where it brings joy to NO ONE!
I'm just trying to figure out, with my plans to purchase an iPad tomorrow, how are they going to spoil my plans and convince me to purchase this too? 1080p isn't going to do it...assume there has to be more, likely tied specifically to the new iPad.
New Posts  All Forums: