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+1 here. Where were these buyers a week or two ago when the price hit $419 at Meijer. I would bet less than 20% of that 20% would follow through with an actual purchase.
Maybe it's 3/7ths scale! That makes it....uh...roughly....the size of an iPod Touch...
Base iPad 3 model for nominal increase. Decrease for iPad 2. Yes, I understand where what I stated and what I meant went awry.I second the RAM, but sort of assumed a tweaked or upgraded chip would also include the RAM upgrade. Of course, it was not done on the last model, so it could be passed over again. Back on the flash, I think doubling this associated with a price increase would be a cheap way to further justify the bump in price.I disagree on the benefits of...
Just my two cents. Nominal price increase for base model would not be surprising. iPad 2 will have to drop in price. They're currently being sold at a reduction at big box retailers so $499 is too high. Also, deeper discounts for education to push iBooks. Memory offerings of 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB based on the screen resolution. Double resolution means double the image size for textures in apps. I just want to have "multi-user" even if it's limited to two or one and a...
I in general hate tech lawsuits but I did a double take on this one. While you can argue the browser should be smart enough to block this sort of thing, this is Google circumventing a users preference to privacy. It is not a case of Google choosing the most efficient way to deliver content that just so happens to expose a deficiency in the browser. It is blatant. I think the gas man example draws an excellent parallel.
Check out my MBP! She's a Dandy!
I agree, keeping the iPhone in September/October and the iPad in March/April keeps them from competing with each other and the iPad in 1Q or early 2Q gives them a boost in sales in what would otherwise likely be a lower performing time span. I think the rumor of an event in early Feb probably does more for sales than the actual event that early (assuming a March launch). Either way, I'm ready for it.
LTE is a different plan, so you would have to jump off the 3G unlimited into one of the new plans. I'm not positive if you would have to because you purchase an LTE device or if you would only have to if you want to take advantage of LTE speeds though.
Double res, LTE, quad core, 30 min battery life... \ ::extreme sarcasm:: I am looking forward to the next iteration. I'd be happy with the current gen but with the new one likely only 2-3 months out I'm in no rush. I don't plan on replacing it every year like a few people around here, so just looking for the best bang for the buck.
Who uses their phone for making calls anyway?
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