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7" gets the same res as current gen iPad, 10" iPad gets bumped res. Yes you still add the need to support a new scale, but I think the 10" bump is inevitable and retaining the same res at 7" limits the number of formats. Pair the 7" with the current iPad "guts" from a chipset perspective and you can probably price it around $299 (8-16GB?) and $399 (16-32GB?). In competition with the Kindle Fire, it can be marketed as the full iPad experience in a smaller package versus...
I haven't gotten through the comments, so it may have been stated already, although I'm not planning to wade through the fan boy hate. It would seem to me this is a possibility. If Apple only wants this on 4S phones, my understanding was Siri goes out to the Apple DC. If that communication carries with it the model, it would seem easy enough to deny traffic from non-4S models and if it carried with ie the IMEI or other identifying info, it could disable the service or...
I agree. LG (or any other manufacturer) would jump at the chance to produce a bigger portion of screens if Samsung was found to be intentionally delaying delivery. On a separate note, while a screen of this caliber would be amazing, I think it will be at the expense of other components. As a consumer I'm torn between having something pretty and entertaining and something that could potentially be a laptop replacement (for other than email/web), which I'm expecting out...
What are you talking about? This will REVOLUTIONIZE THE INDUSTRY!
I think it's time to stop the enumeration of the iPhone models and move to a "pro" type delineation, similar to the Mac line. Possibly iPhone, iPhone S, and iPhone Pro?
I'm in for one unless it's just crap. Even if it's mediocre, I can't bring myself to pay the built in subsidy in my voice/data on a phone that is already paid in full and I'll be due for upgrade. I'm sure it will be a lovely phone...
By the time they would pass anything like this, you will.
I was just thinking about that this morning. Whatever happened to that feature? Granted I have a printer that works with it, but I don't want that to be criteria for purchasing my next printer.
They'd spin it just like the algorithm for number of bars, but I like the idea!!
To be fair it was really T-Mobile that started pushing the faster tiered HSPA speeds as "4G" and with everyone throwing 4G labels on their 3G services/phones why shouldn't Apple do the same since a similar Android handset does the same. In the end most customers don't really understand the difference, they just want the most "G"s. This is why Verizon and AT&T are pushing LTE as LTE vs 4G since it is SOOO much faster.
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