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My biggest struggle isn't the machine that I use at work, although I'd prefer to use my Mac so I didn't have to switch back and forth. My issue is the corporate image and group policies they push tend to break more things than if they let Windows Update run. I just received a policy update last week that disabled plug-ins in IE. As a result, half of the company sites are missing content, not to mention external sites. So, I'll live with the company-issued Windows 7...
That is the key. If they can manufacture and sell $300 laptops with Windows (albeit low margin) they should be able to produce a slightly bulkier tablet close to the same price. Android could penetrate the market if the hardware makers could just get the price right.
How about "Integrates Lion's 'back/forward' gesture in the iTunes store." Please?
I agree it doesn't make a lot of sense to introduce an iPad 3 this soon after the 2 considering there are no contenders, BUT there is a part of me that thinks it would be perfect timing for an iPad Pro with a premium price.
Putting 2011 in the title REALLY got my attention.
Not sure if anyone else has checked but looks like my 2011 MBP home share works now, at least with my ATV2.
Hope it fixes my home share problems.
Thank you for your insightful comment. I didn't realize a problem affecting so many people was our problem, and that Apple would address it without it being report....err...whining. Apple is a company that makes great products with great customer service. This doesn't mean they won't have problems only that they will likely be dealt with in an expeditious manner. My personal opinion is Apple fan boys are one of Apple's greatest adversaries when it comes to product...
Should have tested it a little more extensively before doing this. I can still "pull" video from another machine to play on my MBP, I can "push" audio from my MBP to my ATV2. I cannot push video to the ATV2 and I cannot connect to the MBP library from the ATV2 although it does show up in the list (just fails to connect). I know before today I couldn't do anything with home sharing but even with the little I can do, fact is it's still broke. \
Funny. I've been having issues with this on my 2011 MBP and sat down determined to solve it tonight. Checked my Network settings and added file and print sharing (not specifically to solve the issue) when I went back to itunes it worked. I didn't check today before I started messing with it, so maybe it just started working..no clue. Before today, the library name would show up but I was unable to browse it and was not able to connect to other libraries. I had tried...
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