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USD 4Billion? Is not this the same name number AT&T reportedly had to pay Deutsche Telekom if the attempted merger fell through? To a theorist it might appear DT are just using those funds for this seemingly short-term measure. Does anyone see this as plausible?
Apple should do what Prince did during his legal battles and call the thing The Tablet formally known as the iPad. That was awesome
I do like the way you think sir!
I'm not quite sure that's right. See: dis·pas·sion·ate (dis pas̸h′ə nət) adjective free from passion, emotion, or bias; calm; impartial Related Forms: * dispassion dis·pas′·sion noun * dispassionately dis·pas′·sion·ately adverb dis·pas·sion·ate (dĭs-păshˈə-nĭt) adjective Devoid of or unaffected by passion, emotion, or bias. See Synonyms at fair1. Related Forms: * dispassionately dis·pasˈsion·ate·ly adverb * dis·pasˈsion·ate·ness noun
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