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Good luck with that.
Apparently, it did not work very well if that were the case. Everybody but the kitchen sink expected Apple to unveil the AppleWatch (aka iWatch). As soon as rumors started last year that we will see an Apple-developed watch in late 2014, various companies started churning out their own smart watches to beat Apple to the punch.  I believe Samsung's first smart watch debuted in September 2013 well after the rumors were hitting the web, likely in...
iOS 7 does not even support playing 24-bit audio files through iTunes, I believe. I am not sure about iOS 8.
Wait -- doesn't this work out to where you are paying about full price plus returning the phone so they can resell it?
The psychological turn-off to the 4.7" for some customers would be that it is less than full HD -- reasonable or not.
 The display resolution of both phone models would be the first turn-off for people debating whether to switch back.
 The difference would be negligible at best, not a "hog on battery life" as you put it.  Honestly, it would be offset by less needing to stream assets in and out of RAM which would likely be a larger battery drain.Or, if true, Apple should introduce a feature to their notebook line to disable half the RAM as a battery saving mode.
Source that it is a hog on battery life for smart phones?
This is exactly what I do when I park at some random side street to get the beach or even Disneyland. I have not found the GPS on phones to be accurate enough to know exactly where I parked -- just a rough area.
The textures in the trailer video look muddy and ugly. If the touch controls handle well and the price is somewhat reasonable I would probably still get the game.
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