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"A spokeswoman for Swatch Group said on Thursday the report was unfounded. She said the only business relationship Swatch Group had with mobile phone makers was as a supplier of integrated circuits and other electronic components." Technically, this statement does not rule out that Apple is being supplied parts from Swatch though. Their statements boil down to:   1. They are not collaborating with Apple on any watch; 2. They are supplying parts to unnamed smart phone...
I do not believe tech sites and some other Apple fan sites are taking the Sapphire rumors seriously due to production costs. Supposedly such displays are still prohibitively expensive.
I do not how Microsoft handled these layoffs, but in general, I hate how a lot of software companies handle layoffs. They tend to separate employees into two or three groups with one of the groups receiving the ax. The anxiety of clearly suspecting exactly why everybody is being separated despite superior feigning ignorance. And then at the meeting learning that everybody not present is packing up their belongings and leaving the office. But hey, lets follow up with a...
The obvious has been stated numerous times in this thread, but yeah, it is because major OS X updates are free. Microsoft has not figured out yet that consumers do not expect to pay $120-200 for upgrading their operating system anymore.
Breaking news: Apple has delayed iTV and iWatch were delayed until next year due my cat, Miss Kitty Whiskers, having kittens yesterday. Also, I bring information that Apple is developing an iLawnMower. It will be released Q3 2015. No wait -- I just received word production was delayed by six month due to diamond-based tires not being available in time.
You know, it is possible this is not iWatch related and just Apple needing raw talent and skills. Anytime Apple recruiters ping me for interest in working for them it isn't because of some uber secret video game project.
Figuratively and literally!
Haha! I originally backed up data to my media center in the living room thinking redundancy was enough. Intentional human sabotage I never considered. Yeah, I learned to periodically backup all devices and computers to an external drive now that I keep in a safe location.
I did not realize Safari did not already support this. Chrome and Firefox has already supported this feature across devices and PCs.
She only had a normal user account on one machine and no accounts on the others, but remember that user accounts and permissions are only enforced by the operating system. Regardless of permissions, if the data is not encrypted, anybody still has full read and write access if they have physical access to the machine. And if the data is encrypted, that still does not prevent a formatting of the hard drive.
New Posts  All Forums: