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This is exactly what I do when I park at some random side street to get the beach or even Disneyland. I have not found the GPS on phones to be accurate enough to know exactly where I parked -- just a rough area.
The textures in the trailer video look muddy and ugly. If the touch controls handle well and the price is somewhat reasonable I would probably still get the game.
Sensationalist article for a group who wants their 15 minutes of fame. This is basically exploitable for a very controlled setting, but not practical in the real world.   The first problem is that you cannot overwrite the firmware in most devices. In the few devices that do allow the firmware to be upgraded, you have to flash it with a compatible firmware. Additionally, one would have to write custom hacks to even try to write to the firmware for the specific device....
Sweet! I want to be an analyst. Let me give it a shot: I predict zero iPhone 7's will be sold this year because there were production problems and its release was delayed until fall of 2015 or 2016.
Maybe things will look up for Samsung now that the Oculus Rift DK2 is using the Galaxy Note 3 parts! Gotta use the excess phones somehow.
Not only are we paying outrageous prices per GB for wireless carriers, we are also told what we can and cannot do with it. Why do I have to pay extra for tethering? This is not a carrier specific feature.
That's nice, FCC. How about investigating why customers are paying through the nose for very limited data caps for wireless carriers? Is there price collusion going on between the major cell phone carriers on why their plans seem almost identical?
Software companies tend to allow such employees to apply for open positions giving them priority (or try to find a good fit) whereas possible. Those that do not make the cut usually get shown the door. Sometimes people that lose their job are skilled employees but their skills are not a good fit.
I realize this is small website, but at any company I worked at, if employees posted on the forums, you did one of two things: 1. Post under an account that was clearly flagged and identified as an employee;2. Post under a smurf account and nobody can know your true identity because your words can reflect upon the company. Posting under an account not identified as the author/employee/representative yet people knowing said poster's identity is typically viewed as...
One thing is that in order to be affected by this flaw, one has to enable a checkbox buried in Settings that is disabled by default. Enabling said option triggers a warning message that enabling the option makes the phone and personal data more vulnerable to attacks and you have to accept or decline.
New Posts  All Forums: