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Why is the headline making a claim that Apple's operating systems are "protected against" Heartbleed? They have no protections against it whatsoever, and a quick glace at the headline and article would create a false sense of security. Apple's software did not incorporate the affected OpenSSL implementation, but some third-party software on those platforms are affected such as BlackBerry Mobile for iOS.
I guess under the same token Microsoft could claim they take "security very seriously" and never incorporated OpenSSL in their products.
Are you saying Apple popularized USB? I still remember the FireWire vs. USB war.
BlackBerry needs to swallow their pride. They are not in the position to be behaving in this manner. Their smart phone market share has been plummeting over the last few years to where even Windows Phone has overtaken them and they are quickly becoming irrelevant. This is akin to the Home Shopping Network pulling their channel from Time Warner Cable's line-up as a "we will show you!" Nobody would care.
The important part is that of today's announcements is that Windows 8.1 will receive a patch that will add back the start menu.
I want Apple's take on the Microsoft Surface Pro. A tablet/laptop hybrid, OS X, HDMI output so I can use it like Apple TV, built-in phone mic so I can make calls on it, plus straps so I can wear it as a watch. I'll call it the iEverything. It is okay if it is a "single".   /s
Newegg looks cheaper (about $200 less for the CPUs) and does not use a trade-in program.
Is this meant to be a bizarre straw man argument? I never implied anything of the sort.
Yep. And ARM is nowhere near powerful enough to provide an emulation layer for X86 at a reasonable performance at this time either.
Overclocking would not help much. The A7 is not quite at par with even a Intel Core 2 Duo (and definitely nowhere near an i3). The ARM Cortex-A53 which Apple's A7 is based upon is not meant for desktop level performance. The ARM Cortex-A57 is supposed to be more comparable in which AMD is releasing a server chip (Opteron A1100) later this year based upon. Rumors are the Opteron A1100 will be priced around $100 which would be ridiculously inexpensive for a server chip. It...
New Posts  All Forums: