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Glancing at these screenshots, it looks like Facebook 6.5 has less vertical space for displaying content as a result of this change.  It looks like the menu at the top got split into two: a portion at the top and an expanded portion at the bottom.   I cannot say I am particularly impressed, if correct.  I prefer a minimalistic approach to UI design -- much like post-Chrome for web browsers.
Some of the Lumia phones and the Moto X, I believe.
My disappointment with the iPhone 5C is that the case is not user-replaceable. I grow tired of having to feel I need to protect my phone with an expensive third-party outer case to keep it pristine. It would be nice if the case was easily user-replaceable, or even can buy a third-party designer case in a store to swap on. Outer cases just add bulk.
The biometric fingerprint sensors in the Motorola ATRIX and the iPhone 5S were both developed by the same company -- Authentec. Hopefully, the kinks have been worked out this time around.
 Yes.  Specifically, they have to use Apple gimped implementation in their APIs.  Otherwise, they would have likely used Blink.
 Another problem with third-party web browsers on iOS is that they are required due to Apple's policies to use UIWebView which has Nitro disabled. In other words, their JavaScript performance tends to be poor compared to Safari.
tl;dr   Tablets and smart phones serve the needs of the casual user -- web surfing, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Why should somebody drop the cash on a clunky notebook or desktop when a tablet can serve their needs?   I own a retina MacBook Pro for software development and competitive gaming.
That is sadly my opinion of Windows users as well. I have not had any malware or virus issues on my PCs since the mid-90s and I do not use any anti-virus software.   NOTE: I use both an iMac and PC at work, and I have MacBook Pro at home with Boot Camp.
A champagne colored iPhone 5S seems plausible. It apparently looks far better than those supposed train wreck looking iPhone 5C cases.   If a iPhone 5C will exist, I doubt it will be the horrible cases we have previous seen leaked.
I am confused by this article calling Bento "an important consumer-facing title". If it was formally released in 2008 and discontinued, it did not sound like there was enough customer interest in the software.
New Posts  All Forums: