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Do Not Track is silly to begin with. 1. It is a country specific (U.S.) feature while the Internet is global. Websites in the rest of the world have no obligation to follow it;2. It is an honor system that can be easily ignored by websites. Websites and advertisers that are shady are never going to follow this anyways. Lets be honest, Do Not Track is akin to everybody leaving their doors unlocked with some people having a sign saying "please do not steal anything".
*Sigh* Is this the marketing bullet-point for this year from companies that people will briefly play with and then ignore?
If somebody was concerned about privacy on Android:1. They can disable location per app;2. They can toggle whether specific apps or all apps cannot access any personal data besides their own;3. They can revoke various permissions on a per app basis;4. Android kills location for background processes by default;5. A user can toggle an option in Settings to prevent background processes from accessing the Internet.
This is more common on OS X than iOS. When you start trying to support multiple flavors of OS X the API behaves differently from one version to the next and some calls are deprecated. This is less problematic in more recent versions. Fun times trying to write an app to be compatible with lets say 10.4 through 10.9. A good example would be making a deprecated call that in Objective-C will just stop the thread when the call it hit. Or better yet, typos that are allowed to be...
This. Cross-platform game engines are likely to be updated to use Metal.
You can do iOS development in C/C++. Makes the code portable if you plan to go that route. I am curious to learn more about Swift. Objective-C was a tad slow and I am forced to treat all warnings as errors to avoid threads dying and leading to bizarre behavior.
It looks like the screenshot leaks on the other Apple sites and Reddit were legit after all.
The real reason Apple bought Beats: they gave up trying to develop good earbuds and bought them for their expertise.   /s   But in all seriousness, I sense Apple will bundle Beats branded EarPods with the next-generation iPhone and iPods.
That isn't not too uncommon. I use a MacBook Pro to do development across various platforms. Rather than trying to cobble together a Hackintosh to do iOS and OS X development, it is easier just to buy a say, a MacBook Pro or Mac Pro, and then dual-boot.
If anything, this seems like it is more about publicity and lack of development experience. Reproducibility seems low among Android users (hell, I couldn't repro the issue with my Nexus 7 or HTC One (M7)).   1. This app was just released today for iOS; 2. Their previous apps look like something somebody slapped together overnight; 3. Bounden's own website cannot even display the copyright year properly (2011-2028..?).
New Posts  All Forums: