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You can do iOS development in C/C++. Makes the code portable if you plan to go that route. I am curious to learn more about Swift. Objective-C was a tad slow and I am forced to treat all warnings as errors to avoid threads dying and leading to bizarre behavior.
It looks like the screenshot leaks on the other Apple sites and Reddit were legit after all.
The real reason Apple bought Beats: they gave up trying to develop good earbuds and bought them for their expertise.   /s   But in all seriousness, I sense Apple will bundle Beats branded EarPods with the next-generation iPhone and iPods.
That isn't not too uncommon. I use a MacBook Pro to do development across various platforms. Rather than trying to cobble together a Hackintosh to do iOS and OS X development, it is easier just to buy a say, a MacBook Pro or Mac Pro, and then dual-boot.
If anything, this seems like it is more about publicity and lack of development experience. Reproducibility seems low among Android users (hell, I couldn't repro the issue with my Nexus 7 or HTC One (M7)).   1. This app was just released today for iOS; 2. Their previous apps look like something somebody slapped together overnight; 3. Bounden's own website cannot even display the copyright year properly (2011-2028..?).
This year's rumors seem to be the same as last year: NFC, larger screen, higher resolution, etc. Keep recycling the same predictions until they either occur or supposedly scrapped due to some vague issues. I guarantee we will STILL hear chimes about iTV next year.
That's nice but the data plans are the real problem at this point. I recently moved so I had no cable for a month and a half, so I relied on my wireless provider for Internet. With casual web surfing without intentionally trying to stream video, I managed to hit 5+ GB on each of my devices (2 x phones = 10+ GB). Based upon some of the speed tests posted online for XLTE, one could blow through a 2 GB data cap in a half hour if they were streaming at full speed....
If Apple did purchase Beats, my assumption will be because they want Beats Music for their 20 million streamable songs as well their music industry connections.
I use FaceTime (or an equivelent) occasionally when on WiFi.
They are welcome to borrow my phone at home, but otherwise seperate devices. Otherwise, it would be a tad difficult to call my family when traveling internationally for work purposes, or attending conventions.
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