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They are welcome to borrow my phone at home, but otherwise seperate devices. Otherwise, it would be a tad difficult to call my family when traveling internationally for work purposes, or attending conventions.
I have been happy with my 2013 Nexus 7. Fast performance, nice high-res display and I have separate user account between family members.
My current company is very Windows-centric to where the Intranet websites are all ASP.Net and only properly render in IE. My last job you can use any OS easily for development -- including CentOS.
If Apple releases a higher resolution, larger screen iPhone this year, I might switch from my HTC One (m7) to that. I mainly switched from the iPhone 4S to the HTC One because of the display size and resolution (the 5/5S/5C line did not interest me).
Seeing the clamshell iBook pic makes me miss the translucent candy-colored Macs.
Apple might simply be trademarking the name to ensure others do not use it without intent to use it themselves.
The most popular Android phone models are between the 4.7-5" range. I cannot really see Apple playing a "who can make the largest smart phone" game and coming out with a 5.5" model -- the iPhablet. If I were Apple, I would make the phone wider (maybe 720 pixel wide display) and having vertical black bars for older apps. If Apple does come out with a 4.7" phone in a game of "me too", then I could see it jumping to a higher resolution than 1080p commonplace on smart phones...
Why is the headline making a claim that Apple's operating systems are "protected against" Heartbleed? They have no protections against it whatsoever, and a quick glace at the headline and article would create a false sense of security. Apple's software did not incorporate the affected OpenSSL implementation, but some third-party software on those platforms are affected such as BlackBerry Mobile for iOS.
I guess under the same token Microsoft could claim they take "security very seriously" and never incorporated OpenSSL in their products.
Are you saying Apple popularized USB? I still remember the FireWire vs. USB war.
New Posts  All Forums: