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Yup ... just did an "iPhone" search on Amazon. iPhone: The Missing Manual $15.59 iPhone for Dummies $14.95 How to Do Everything with Your iPhone $16.49 The iPhone Pocket Guide, The iPhone Book ... I love how the iPhone isn't even out yet and you can get all this sh*t at Amazon. Need a case, charger, screen protector for your iPhone? They. Even. Have. Photos. Of the iPhone being used with their products. Thank God for Photoshop.... ==== http://www.c0m0y0k0.com
Yeah, not sure what each of their total share volume is. But just looking at the past 3 month's performance, we're still looking at an impressive stat. Beginning of Jan '04, MSFT was 27.5 and AAPL was at 21. Does this stat make my life any better? No. But it's still nice to see gdi.
too bad i don't own any AAPL stock tho : (
This is my personal fave. This iPod holder is available anywhere, in multiple colors, and is super cheap.
Just wondering. Here's mine ... Appleinsider (of course) XLR8yourmac (one of the best) Maccentral MacDailyNews Powerpage ipodlounge ipodhacks Macnn Any I should add ?
Who remembers this issue of Wired magazine? I still have my copy. Remember those days before Steve came back to Apple? Remember the doom and gloom in the Mac Universe? I do. So, for all of us who have stuck with Apple through the bad times, read this article from the June, 1997 issue of Wired and rejoice!! I am the Ghost of Apple past. Take my hand, close your eyes, and I will show you a world where there is no Steve Jobs at Apple. Here's are Wired's top 5...
I have to say right off the bat that I am not trying to start a pc vs. mac debate. I am linking to this product's page and pic because I have been looking for a G4 cube-like product as a 2nd computer. I passed by this in CompUSA on my way to ogle the G5 and I had to stop dead in my tracks. Does this remind anyone of an apple product? It even has a handle! The specs are decent. I can have a functioning pc for games and tinkering with for about $600. I already have a...
I like the convenience of having extra bays. Do I need the extra bays? Probably not. I just happen to have extra CD-ROM/RW and hard drives that I would prefer to integrate into the tower as opposed to cluttering up my desk with externals. Apple cares about case-design, but hey apparently don't care about the aesthetics of the desk top! I don't like the extra height the handles add to the case. Apple should make them retractible a la the release handle on the G4 cube....
Link to oversized photo Next time, please thumbnail or link your images. Will do! Didn't realize the photo would be so large. Thanks. -- hir
Any spottings of the new PBs?
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