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Crank the screen brightness to max and it'll drain pretty fast.
When the MDM9615 and 32nm A6 chips inevitably arrive in next year's iPad, do you think Apple will take that opportunity to reduce the current battery size and slim down the iPad itself, or will they maintain the capacity/size and advertise greater battery life? I personally believe they'll stick with 10hrs battery life and reduce the weight of the iPad by eliminating some battery that will be no longer needed with the more efficient chips.
You're missing the point; a huge performance loss would be had by switching to integrated graphics.
Yay, I can't wait until Apple's entire laptop line is limited to slow low-voltage CPUs, skimpy but expensive SSD storage, two ports and pokey integrated graphics due to space and heat constraints!
Functionally, it's vastly superior. Visually, it's ugly as sin.
Only 10 of my 23 digital copies show up in purchased; the rest are Fox and Universal titles. And since all digital copies are SD, why not an option to upgrade to HD like they did with iTunes Plus?
Hideous, but functionally much better than the columns of the old interface. Why not use the iOS icons instead of these gaudy colored rectangles? Only 10 of my 23 digital copies show up in "purchased". Looks like all movies from Fox and Universal are missing. And I must have misunderstood because I thought I heard my videos would be upgraded to 1080p? They're all still standard definition.
Seems like every time they don't increase the number in the name, there's this stigma amongst technophiles that it's not a true upgrade, just half an upgrade. Which is silly. If this thing comes out with a Retina Display, Quad-core processor and LTE, that'll make it more of an update than the iPad 2 was over the iPad 1, even if the exterior remains mostly unchanged.
There's something the matter with you. The original iPad is superior in no way whatsoever. This coming from someone who owns an iPad 1 but has held an iPad 2 enough to know what I'm missing.
Not interested in anything but the wi-fi model unless the AT&T CEO comes out on stage and announces we can finally start sharing our monthly data block amongst both our iPhone and iPad. If I'm buying 3GB of data per month, I shouldn't have to buy a second block of data for another device.
New Posts  All Forums: