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I really don't see Apple going back to a case that covers the entire iPad; the whole point of the Smart Covers was to get away from that. Per Steve Jobs himself when he unveiled Smart Covers:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJkUUum6Q0Y
Pro-Res has definitely eliminated the need for absurdly large uncompressed video files; a 30 second 8-bit uncompressed SD file would be like 900MB, while a 30 second 1080p Pro-Res LT file is closer to 250MB. But Pro-Res is still huge by streaming standards. A 90-minute movie saved as Pro-Res LT would be almost 60GB. Pro-Res Proxy cuts that number in half, but compression artifacts and loss of quality with Proxy is very obvious.What I meant was it'd be nice if the new Apple...
Wouldn't even those numbers be conservative? A 1080p blu-ray is 18-45GB for the movie alone.
Really hope the new Apple TV hardware doesn't pack one new killer feature that Apple won't provide to previous generations, like they did with Airplay and TV rentals with the last hardware refresh. I had an original Apple TV, and had to buy the new one to get those features; then they killed TV rentals.
Like everyone else, I'm sure Apple never heard of the neonode n1m, which is why no name-brand phone implemented "swipe to unlock" until Apple did
Ruling in favor of this patent should be a no-brainer. Did anyone have "slide to unlock" on a phone or tablet before Apple? No. Did this feature show up in all kinds of phones after Apple introduced it? Yes. Case closed.
That to me is the million dollar question, and the one that remains unanswered. The only rumor that has alluded to a feature apple could actually offer the tv itself was that patent which allowed the remote to magically learn all of the connected devices.
Agreed. If apple enters the tv market, they're going to arrive with a much better way to watch tv, and that will be the focus. Not countless distracting widgets and apps that have nothing to do with watching television. Not HULU and Netflix channels that every one else has already been offering for years.
Really hard to believe apple would be handing out prototype's of unreleased products, unless the post-Jobs Apple doesn't give a shit about secrecy. How exactly would a Verizon/At&T serviced television work?
$1499 for a 42" LCD television when a 42" Plasma with undoubtedly superior picture can be had for $629? This Apple Television better come with a lifetime supply of free programming for that kind of dough.
New Posts  All Forums: