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Can someone please help me with a question concerning what cable/cord I need to connect a brand new Macbook Air SSD 128 gig hd to our LCD tv. We like Hulu.com and would like to watch movies through our Macbook to the television connection. Thank you for all you help in advance.
Hi Can anyone please help me in finding a simple basic app or download for a simple place to keep/store passwords and private stuff? Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays. Milan
Hello Has anyone had any experience with a third party app called Printopia? I have a Macbook are and was interested if this works with laptops along with the Ipad and Itouch. Any help or ideas would be greatly appriciated. Thanks and Happy Holidays. Milan
so what you are saying is this is a app store where i can purchase all apps and then run then on all mac computers? thank you
Hello Any new information on the App store for the Macbooks? Thanks
On the itunes downloads is everything a full season? The question is after paying for the season we feel that it is not a complete season yet and was wondering if we will get the balance free if there is one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Hello After downloading the season of Walking Dead my son tell me that there is more to this season than the download> Could this be possible? If so, how would I go about getting new episods as they come out? Would i still get this free since we already paid for the season that was available? Thank you
hello does anyone have any idea when the app store for macbooks will open? have a wonderful holiday to all.
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