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And that processor speed on the android? Please. \ That's just a gimmick. Nobody will be able to tell the difference between a .1, unless they have superman vision.
I am just looking forward to Siri for iPad Hey canucks, why so angry when a yank teases you? Just tease them back huh? Besides, we could have it a lot worse to our south. We do not have to defend our border and they make great Apple stuff for us to buy. However, if any yanks are reading, if you really want to pick up your economy, start making good beer and we will be your biggest customer - really... We drink it more than water! Let's drink to Siri...
lol - actually, not funny at all... summer is from July to end of august, and that is in the south!
Yeah, worry not. I have never had Apple delivery something after their estimate. They always beat to meet the delivery date.
Just got shipped notification!!!!! I ordered Wed 7, at 4:15! Delivery by Friday (UPS Canada Only - For those that do not know what this means - they use a different shipping service to get it to Canada, then they use UPS. Once it is tracked by UPS, it takes a day).
Keep in mind... last year they started offering, reserve your ipad at your local Apple Store. Every night, check the local store web site at 9:00 for stock and reserve for the next day. I was able to pick up my ipad 2 in the store less than a week after it came out. They might do the same this year.
Cute, sad and true, but cute...
Just put your ipad on ebay or kijiji. Get a premium and then buy another one. Waiting an extra few weeks wont be that bad if you can make an extra hundred or two!
Apple usually meets or beats shipping dates. Me thinks that the reason for our delays are because they are shipping from the North America and not overseas. I am just jealous of those guys with tracking numbers already!
Perhaps that is the reason for the delays - they do not want to give it to me too early... It only takes a day to ship from the US. Or, maybe they will ship from Ontario Canada
New Posts  All Forums: