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Great stuff - so on brand. Love the opening animations. Well done Phil!
Please god release in the US - being dreaming for years. It's all I watch via VPN which is a pain
somebody at Wacom is subtracting numbers
Classic Design - Jony channeling the early day, must have being fun
First renaming Force Touch after WSJ's Stern complained about the name (kinda of agree - a dropping of the ball) - now this appeasement.
Offering rebates - ding dong
I had the misfortune of working for CNBC for a few years - it should come with a viewer warning - conjecture + mindless irrelevance = ad revenue
Still bewildered how the SEC can allow dick head pseudo journalist like Matt Drudge to play doomer headlines with AAPL - its  almost  like he or friends have a short position  
Thought it was an old headline from 1996 - tragic Yahoo, tragic
New Posts  All Forums: