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Tragic on some many levels - an evil ad company panicking for good PR.   "Google has lost a Court of Appeal bid to stop consumers having the right to sue in the UK over alleged misuse of privacy settings." BBC News
serious amount of pencils!
Tim is smart - Cramer resonates in retail big time sadly. I actually respect Tim more as he called in to the bread and circus that is business news. If 16,009 people are whatsoever it is caught his wisdom his means justify the ends
Thankyou DED - I'm with Jon Stewart on this one. this man played the doomer card big time, he go's with the flow. Good man Tim for giving the retail investor a bit of love, despite the horror history of Mad Money
Thank-you DED. True on the ground journalism can be quite refreshing in the shite circus of business news! Bloomberg & CNBC would have a had a local correspondent that couldn't tell a Dell from a MacBook Air if the life depended on it - spout some irrelevant data/crap or interview an irrelevant/clueless analyst/expert, whilst asking if Cook is up for the job. Bollox to them all.
Oh please god! free me from the evil clutches of Cablevision's and Verizon's duopoly from hell
Hope Tim balances it out with a trip to the West Bank - lots of talent there and whats left of Gaza (flood gate opened)
Automotive design (with a few limited exceptions) is bloody horrific. The marriage of tech and mechanics is poor, originality has gone, design styling is bland, the list go's on. Its primed for disruption, much as the mobile phone industry was pre-2007. The UK has a great pedigree in car design thanks to Coventry Poly, now a Uni. and every designer of Jony's era (including myself) loved to dream and sketch the perfect dream car. I wouldn't be surprised if some Coventry...
anybody else having problems connecting to the audio - going to start crying soon
Katy securing the first question for Tim after earnings once again!
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