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Katy securing the first question for Tim after earnings once again!
I once worked on a British Channel Island beginning with G as a student at Uni - I worked a 100+hrs  a week for minimal wage, in a massive greenhouse the size of a football field, with an average temp of 100+ degrees, basic human rights (water from a hose, etc), we shite in buckets (same buckets as flowers were delivered in), lived on bread and jam (to save money for drink), lived in tents - all while picking carnations by day for the joyful british population. Best years...
Emily "has apple lost its innovation" Chang (no doubt its Emily "can able maintain its innovation" Chang now...   I give up years ago on tv business journalism - it's flawed on so many levels, bloody tragic
All fluff and no meat - reads like a PR piece - No talk of monopoly power, state department influence, NSA, evil eric's future, google + fail, sales of glass... 
As a proud share holder who held steady, went with his gut and told doomies and samsung lovers to open their google blinded eyes - I enjoyed reading that! Thanks DED
Cramer  - a dangerous, self-promoting and extremely egotistical man. Meet him a few times in a professional capacity - which just reinforced that he is a dangerous, self-promoting and extremely egotistical man. 
Touch ID behind, when you need a password, login...
The epitome of all that is wrong with the Street and system. Even if Tim rightfully ignores, it will make for an interview segment on the circus of business media television, in particular Icahns personal communication network CNBC. Most likely a 3-5 minute segment, where an anchor will gloat and praise the mighty warrior of wall street, whilst maintaining the journalist integrity of a 12 year old child
Great insight once again, reaffirms my dismay in mass media. You just need to watch three minutes of Bloomberg, CNBC & WSJ to realize all hope is lost. Long live the Horace Dedui's of this world.
Shocked - not! The dirty tricks of hedge funds, portfolio managers and the complicit business mass media still astounds me.
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