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interesting and informative piece - thanks. Horace from Asymco has touched on Microsoft cloud tech and Apple recently and based on Tim's keynote address that $150 million from years ago, hasn't being forgotten. On the doomer narrative - Emily "has Apple lost its innovation" Chang on Bloomberg is just a perfect example of producers/networks selling their journalist soul for viewship.
Would love to read data on Google Checkout, it was going to be revolutionary before the name change to Wallet
A Touch ID sensor embedded behind the Apple logo please
Personally & financially I'm very thankful for the Steve years myself! PR is PR, its part of the game, pre-dating capitalism probably
A smart man who still maintains a fondness and sincerity towards Apple (from what I read in Kahneys book on Jony).
Machined by a 16 year old in metal work at school or in daddy's garage
And so it begins! (yet again)  
If rumor is true - its a strategic content play, not hardware/software in my humble opinion. With regards music positioning its could be a smart move. (big music picture - beyond rap or hip hop). The same thing for Apple TV - a lot of future hires will feel like square pegs in a round hole.
sames to good to be true - hopefully I'm wrong
With regards content carriage deals in the cable industry  - 20 million plus (subs) is starting to look very interesting. The tide will turn - and quality content channels/providers will be eager for the distribution channel.
New Posts  All Forums: