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I admired they're early innovation (agreements with GE and others seemed panicky). Was tempted to purchase a kit last year but held off after Nest. At 200 million they must be starved of cash flow or innovation.   HomeKit + Phillips + Others + World  = Bingo Jingo. And 200 million could buy one hell of nice ad campaign.
Operation Monetize Shortly
Google let it slip recently that they intend to yield data from Fadell's Nest (no brainer considering what they paid)
Oh sweet bullox - I've had 2 dropcams for years, love them. Caught a baby sitter stealing 3 months ago. Dropcam is dead to me now, along side the bloody Nest. Hurry up HomeKit products! I guess the hasty 555 million was a knee jerk reaction to HomeKit!
'Winter Storm Bollux Alert' - the weather channel/comcast are the evil doer's who decided by themselves to name and brand storms...hype and noise. Proudly turning weather reporting into entertainment - much like what they did with news journalism!
interesting and informative piece - thanks. Horace from Asymco has touched on Microsoft cloud tech and Apple recently and based on Tim's keynote address that $150 million from years ago, hasn't being forgotten. On the doomer narrative - Emily "has Apple lost its innovation" Chang on Bloomberg is just a perfect example of producers/networks selling their journalist soul for viewship.
Would love to read data on Google Checkout, it was going to be revolutionary before the name change to Wallet
A Touch ID sensor embedded behind the Apple logo please
Personally & financially I'm very thankful for the Steve years myself! PR is PR, its part of the game, pre-dating capitalism probably
A smart man who still maintains a fondness and sincerity towards Apple (from what I read in Kahneys book on Jony).
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