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Cheesy, sad, pathetic... 'Creative' like this and the Samsung social attacks on Apple only denigrate what little of Samsung's respect remains, tragic but just.
Stripe - awesome play, looking forward not behind. Even Elon invests in Stripe. Tim at his very best, hopefully the Collison's and the 90 engineers will end up in the new Apple HQ one day
God bless the all-nighters, for they did good (hopefully) - peace
Mr(s) SEC, was there a covert attempt to smear apple, steal their launch glory and take it down a %? Probably not, but plausible...    ....
Evil prick has being dead to me since he made the comment (about 6-9 months ago) about how Google was a more innovative company as it still was run by its founders.
"Dude I want a Note 4" sweet mother of jesus, who writes this shite
Mine is qualified too - I hope the third party manufacturer is eating the cost. 
Tim - the subtle quiet genius CEO. Let it begin!
Any follower of the great Horace can conclude that much growth is in Accessories, will you walk with me, Grasshopper.
I know the PR game sadly. Apple and Tim display a level of heartfelt sincerity that I don't believe can be contrived, conceived or planned, unlike Samsung and the self-driving car people and their lovely Eric (who has being dead to me since the sick reference to google  being still run by its founders)
New Posts  All Forums: