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Personally & financially I'm very thankful for the Steve years myself! PR is PR, its part of the game, pre-dating capitalism probably
A smart man who still maintains a fondness and sincerity towards Apple (from what I read in Kahneys book on Jony).
Machined by a 16 year old in metal work at school or in daddy's garage
And so it begins! (yet again)  
If rumor is true - its a strategic content play, not hardware/software in my humble opinion. With regards music positioning its could be a smart move. (big music picture - beyond rap or hip hop). The same thing for Apple TV - a lot of future hires will feel like square pegs in a round hole.
sames to good to be true - hopefully I'm wrong
With regards content carriage deals in the cable industry  - 20 million plus (subs) is starting to look very interesting. The tide will turn - and quality content channels/providers will be eager for the distribution channel.
Somebody didn't listen to the conference call! The constant negativity from the  NYT is tragic  
He forgot to include the connected toaster
Discovered that too last year - not only did they own the Eye Care plan I was on but the major retail outlets - scary biscuits
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