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my mistake - realized that would be tied to the car maker, hence the legacy cd/dvd and ugly icons
The GUI is a bit disappointing - the setting icons on the left feel awkward and aligned to the top - the menu icon feels very non Jony. I can only assume that this part of the hardware from the car-maker
Google is an algorithm that allowed them to monopolize search and reap mesmerising revenue. Throwing free endless mud at an endless wall is not innovation, it does impress Wall Street though  ... just my 2 cents
I've often pondered - if Tim had have being on the NeXT team...
Wall Street will love and reward this amazing innovative leap! - Blah Blah Blah
"Mass market" he'll never get their alone. Interesting interview. 
Great piece - thank-you
Cue CNBC studio camera 1 - Icahn PR fluff "devoid of journalism" segment in 10,9,8......
2 cents - New Apple TV launching via a Superbowl ad - its so perfect, with Ridley's iconic sledge in 94  - Apple will use the media itself in a clever launch
New Posts  All Forums: