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Great piece - thank-you
Cue CNBC studio camera 1 - Icahn PR fluff "devoid of journalism" segment in 10,9,8......
2 cents - New Apple TV launching via a Superbowl ad - its so perfect, with Ridley's iconic sledge in 94  - Apple will use the media itself in a clever launch
Cue CNBC live free monologue PR segment.
Isaacson will wet his pants with this!   Smoke and mirrors
"MyDesk" - exhibit A
"anonymous source to CNBC on Friday." CNBC - Icahn's private PR network
Last night - I put 3 movies together of the kids summers events, took around 6 minutes on iPhone 5. Added to the Theater. Popped on the Apple TV in the kids bedroom that evening - seamless. Ok you could mirrror, Vimeo, etc - but this was smoothe, a very nice subtle feature that will snowball.
CNBC - his own private publicity network, so wrong on so many levels
New Posts  All Forums: