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Phew - dispels 'the moving back to England' rumour thankfully
"Sources familiar with Apple's plans say the set-top box may use iconography similar to iOS"  - I'm in shock, what a great source, pure genius.
Same here. But its yet to happen. They could of ironed it out by now if they were really interested.   > I cut my Cablevision Cable last year, I can survive happily with the Iplayer (with a VPN) & Netflix. Access to the iPlayer in the US would be a content game changer, plus it would be handy for Jony.
IPlayer to Apple TV is something I've being predicting for the past 2 years. Its a logical win win for both parties, once all the studio licenses, etc get resolved. A possible hint is the amount of Disney movies found in their film  library. Bob Iger prepping
'featured an integrate kickstand'  - I thought Microsoft R&D Surface Division, Monkey Brigade 666 thought of that...
Vorsprung durch Technik  
I worked in Barcelona 10 years ago for a NY company. We had trouble finding any Macs - There was a computer store in the back of town - mostly pc's but sold a limited amount and an overpriced department store that sold them. Oh how times have changed.
makes sense - to create competitive original content for the Apple TV and break free from the TV content model. The purely ad based model is tough - eg.: revision3 (now sadly part of the the Discover Circus of television)
Video Podcasts finessed to be Channels for Apple TV
Getting so many flashbacks to the Zune hype
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