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I worked in Barcelona 10 years ago for a NY company. We had trouble finding any Macs - There was a computer store in the back of town - mostly pc's but sold a limited amount and an overpriced department store that sold them. Oh how times have changed.
makes sense - to create competitive original content for the Apple TV and break free from the TV content model. The purely ad based model is tough - eg.: revision3 (now sadly part of the the Discover Circus of television)
Video Podcasts finessed to be Channels for Apple TV
Getting so many flashbacks to the Zune hype
Schumer is gifted at spotting publicity opps - such bull - every NY station with give it high ranking in the news, play up the terrorism aspect
Somewhat comforting
Apples online store is offline while getting updated
CNN icon? A dying sad brand, a hint at ATV content  
I hope the journalists have updated their phone passwords
Great PR to help sell his book - sad  
New Posts  All Forums: