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Product Placement, takes a cruel twist
Dead watch ticking
no volkswagon brands at all - I emailed them on monday to see if it was pending  - no answer
Queen takes Knight - Apple I believe would have accessed the pro's & con's in immense detail, who knows what is next...
heavy rain in NYC  today - roads and flooding everywhere, did a control at 5:56pm ET (so sick of the google PR spin map spin machine and sad pathetic "journalists" ) and saved to photos. Once again, since the beginning, I used Apple Maps to get me home. Clean & simple. Tufte would be proud.    
Dodgy photoshop from Macotakara. Clearly just added a color multiple layer or something transparent effect over a white model - Hue & Saturation all wrong. The Ipod color vibrance is more like it. A few months ago - a dodgy hedge fund on CNBC laughed off the potential "lollipop innovation" colored iPhones... Prick.
Broadcast.com 2.0
BBC iplayer content and endless other global feeds....
By clearly implying fall keeps the stock affordable to repurchase - explains the logic of the payback decision timing. The word "surprise" was prevalent yesterday too - why would Apple give Samsung a heads up of a pending launch, hopefully a surprise in this half - a bloody mac pro at least - either way confidently long still
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