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News Corp's editorial integrity was always a barrier for me - not surprised.
AAPL & Tim Cook's authority have being under attack from the bears… etc. The timing of this is nice - if convenient for Apple's Pr machine  - Apples Reality needs to be put in perspective, BS and speculation needs to be diminished. On a personal note - I sent Apple a photo of my 2 kids playing with their iPads to the warmth of an open fire,  whilst in the 6th day of our power outage in NY after Sandy. I got a personal response from Tim. Say no more...
Phew - again!
I'll be a happy camper once that 'Available in November' disappears
Nice fit - well done Eddy
Adobe TV, BBC,  all coming shortly (guessing/hoping). As an avid user, the WSJ videos (apart from the crap repeating adverts and crap motion graphics) is a convenient ondemand news source and hopefully a taste of whats to come. (the live feed of the 23rd event, pixelated often which was a bit disconcerting  assuming apple where experimenting)
fun, vibrate - on brand. Phew!
stealing from 1984 - how original Nokia
I had the misfortune off having to speak with AT&T today. My data was overflowing on the first day of a new data cycle. The first thing the 'rep' asked was "did i upgrade to 6". "Yes" They are refunding the overage, felt like a scripted fallback.  
Traffic on google maps  - Apples graphical approach already superior   
New Posts  All Forums: