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Hopefully the fog of fancy eyewear models will lift, the catalog of failures will be looked at again (Google TV- twice) and much much more. 
the headline photo on the NYT's article says it all (looks like all Apple) http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/06/business/media/news-corp-has-a-tablet-for-schools.html?_r=1&
Jung should get a free iPad (original, refurbished one) and a nice wave good-bye
What a lovely icon this will be on Apple TV
I can't see past the shitty photoshop type effect & lack of kerning - you could drive a bus thru that space between the D Y in READY
 A wrist Navigator... Jony goes quiet    
BBC icon on Apple TV - yes please
The last thing this communication device will be used for will be telling time  - the term 'watch' is so unfitting.
Wish it was Lowes (just read an earlier post - happy days)
thank-you Daniel & Mark. Big Amazon user since 97, great company...but ponzi economics/valuations
New Posts  All Forums: