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Broadcast.com 2.0
BBC iplayer content and endless other global feeds....
By clearly implying fall keeps the stock affordable to repurchase - explains the logic of the payback decision timing. The word "surprise" was prevalent yesterday too - why would Apple give Samsung a heads up of a pending launch, hopefully a surprise in this half - a bloody mac pro at least - either way confidently long still
Reminds me of Yahoo in the early days once the cash started to accumulate (ignore broadcast.com).
%u6C92%u6709%u53CD%u624B%u4E00%u64CA (no back hander)
And so it began. HBO and mainstream ABC could turn the tide. Great news.
you can hire savy engineers, you can hire cool designers but at the end of the day - if you still use a shite typeface like this, then something is missing in your DN, freckin A. (applies to google too)
This kid and family are from Bristol, England. Belfast kids are a lot smarter and have the In-App purchases setting to 'off'
Hopefully the fog of fancy eyewear models will lift, the catalog of failures will be looked at again (Google TV- twice) and much much more. 
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