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How could I get a Finder like functionality on my iPhone. I have downloaded an app to read PDFs, but it only opens files in a certain directory. It would be nice to have a normal finder on the iPhone . . . Thanks for your comments.
Hi iFerd, would you have more details on how to do this? I thought cwmx.com works for POP3 accounts only. Thanks!
Thanks ZO. Worked like a charm.
Oh, yes, it is a piece of cake getting the reply-to address changed in Gmail on Safari. In fact, one solution would be accessing Gmail over Safari on the iPhone (http\gmail.com I think). However, it would be much more convenient to get this from the Mail appliction on the iPhone as well. I don't have any server issues, luckily.
Hello, thanks for your note, but where do you enter a reply-to address? I was looking in Settings / Mail / Accounts / Gmail. In there i only have IMAP account info, incoming and outgoing mail server and then Advanced settings, but nowhere to key in a reply-to address. Maybe this is for the Gmail POP accounts only? Cheers
I have set up IMAP Gmail on my iPhone for getting my business email. While you can set up Gmail to feature your business email as a sent from (& reply-to) address when you use Safari, I have not found how to do this when sending mail from the iPhone. Any help? Many thanks, iSmiley
Hello all, what can I do, my iPhone looses its EDGE settings each time I switch it off or reboot. Thanks, iSmiley
Lotus Notes rules - sound like a good idea, just how do you set them up? Guess my IT dept. has locked as much they can, but I would like to try this. Thanks again
Hi Carniphage, I am in the UK, too. I brought my iPhone from the USA . . . Would you have advice on how to route Lotus Notes mail into Gmail IMAP? Cheers, iSmiley
Hello all, I was wondering whether I could receive my business mail on my iPhone. The company I work for uses the AT&T VPN software for network access and Lotus Notes. I think I can set-up VPN access on the iPhone, but how do I set up access to Lotus Notes mailboxes? Any chance? Thanks for your comments! Best wishes, iSmiley
New Posts  All Forums: