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You want me to fight windmills? Where would I begin? Where would it end? Let's try the basics: Switzerland is not Sweden and not Swaziland. We're part of Europe, but not the EU. Our currency is the Swiss Franc and not the Euro. We have four national languages, English is not one of them. The capital is Bern and not Zurich, nor Geneva. Cheese is not our most important product and we're not all bankers. Cuckoo clocks, Lederhosen and Dirndl are all distinctly German, not...
As a Swiss citizen, I just come to these threads to gloat in the incredible amount of cliché, prejudice, stereotype and ignorance that you all so willingly share about our little country. I really need to get out the popcorn - no wait, the Emmental cheese - and wait for the Switzerland vs Swaziland arguments. 
Seems like Apple is running a very fragmented market strategy here. The "Categories" Section has obviously only been added in the US Store. Same thing with Siri support that is tied to the AppleID's country, instead of the region and language settings.   It may all be some kind of legal BS, but it's clearly not in the customers' best interest.
Let's be reasonable. You do NOT need a computer to charge the remote. You DO need a TV to use the AppleTV though, which brings me to the point: arguably about 95% of all flatscreen TVs with HDMI (which is also a requirement) also feature at least one USB-A port. So all you need is a lightning cable, which is supplied. If you're so unlucky that your TV does in fact NOT have a USB port AND you don't own a modern Smartphone with a USB charger AND you don't own a computer, you...
I'm not sure it's just the 6s. My 5 told me the blood moon was at least 35° elsewhere than it really was.
I got the 2014 in April for 2199.- instead of now 2699.- Sure the new GPU is nice, but force touch? I don't care. And the SSD speed increase is irrelevant in everyday use. Saved 500.-, might even be able to sell the thing for a profit now, if I wanted.
No, the two year warranty is relatively new and is by law. The fantasy tax was applied way before that law was changed from 1 to 2 years. And you can still get AppleCare which extends the warranty from 1 to 3 years according to Apple, because they like to ignore the new law in their marketing text. So for tge same price you get two years extended warranty in the US, you get only one actual extra year here. There's no defending the fantasy tax, neither by higher standards...
Just to chime in as one of the actual Swiss posters on this forum. The topic of high consumer prices was brought up. That's certainly a fact for most market segments, especially food, tourism, rents etc. but electronics? A little less so. In fact the only reason electronics would be more expensive here than in, say, Germany, is because the manufacturers just add 20% Swiss fantasy price hike that isn't based on any exchange rate or actual tax. Our VAT is only 8%, as opposed...
I told you so. But the "experts" knew better, right?
http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/03/new-arm-powered-chip-aims-for-battery-life-measured-in-decades/Does the ipad just sit there, like my first gen ipod on the desk, or does it get used daily? How much can it still do apart from e-mail and surfing?Would you also consider three years acceptable if you got the 15'000$ Edition version?Catch my point yet?
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