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I'm not sure it's just the 6s. My 5 told me the blood moon was at least 35° elsewhere than it really was.
I got the 2014 in April for 2199.- instead of now 2699.- Sure the new GPU is nice, but force touch? I don't care. And the SSD speed increase is irrelevant in everyday use. Saved 500.-, might even be able to sell the thing for a profit now, if I wanted.
No, the two year warranty is relatively new and is by law. The fantasy tax was applied way before that law was changed from 1 to 2 years. And you can still get AppleCare which extends the warranty from 1 to 3 years according to Apple, because they like to ignore the new law in their marketing text. So for tge same price you get two years extended warranty in the US, you get only one actual extra year here. There's no defending the fantasy tax, neither by higher standards...
Just to chime in as one of the actual Swiss posters on this forum. The topic of high consumer prices was brought up. That's certainly a fact for most market segments, especially food, tourism, rents etc. but electronics? A little less so. In fact the only reason electronics would be more expensive here than in, say, Germany, is because the manufacturers just add 20% Swiss fantasy price hike that isn't based on any exchange rate or actual tax. Our VAT is only 8%, as opposed...
I told you so. But the "experts" knew better, right?
http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/03/new-arm-powered-chip-aims-for-battery-life-measured-in-decades/Does the ipad just sit there, like my first gen ipod on the desk, or does it get used daily? How much can it still do apart from e-mail and surfing?Would you also consider three years acceptable if you got the 15'000$ Edition version?Catch my point yet?
I'm unaware of a cliché that Swiss women are blond. However, Swedish girls are clichéd to be blondes, so there may be some confusion going on there. Then there are actually four national languages, of which three are not German (nor Swiss German) and the fact that the army is mandatory is quickly losing significance. About 50% of drafts are unfit for service or don't want to serve in the army and choose a civil alternative. Legislation for keeping your rifle after having...
As a Swiss citizen I find it extremely interesting how a population that couldn't tell Switzerland apart from Swaziland and Sweden yesterday have become experts on anything Swiss over night, simply by the fact that some old trademark surfaced somewhere in a dusty folder. Kudos to you!
I'm hoping they'll come to their senses in generation 2, as they did with Air, and add a second port. Then it's great. Otherwise, put that screen in the 11" Air and I'd buy that over the MacBook any day.
What an awful name. Loop Pay? Loo Pay? Do we want a payment solution with loopholes? Or pay in an infinite loop? Jeez...
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