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An app and game capable Apple-TV, essentially turning it into a console would, in my opinion, make a lot more sense than the AppleWatch. Of course though, the two things could and probably will be combined, so you can use the watch as a remote for AppleTV.
Actually they switched platforms twice already. 68k to PPC to Intel. Compatibility was always a challenge in between. Going from Intel to ARM would kill a big chunk of the current Mac ecosystem in apps.
The original FW iPod could be equipped with a special OS that would crack any Windows machine within seconds by directly overwriting the relevant memory portion for the login process. DMA has it's risks, that is nothing new and also one of the main reasons computer security also must include physical access security.
I find it interesting that the BBC focused their report on Apple. It's not like Foxconn, Pegatron and how they're all called also manufacture pretty much every other mobile device money can buy, with working conditions probably even worse.   Also, if they were interested in a truly relevant story for the UK, why didn't they do an insider report on the NHS? Working shifts of 14 hours over night are normal. Staff are so tired they fall asleep on the job too while...
Looks like Thunderbolt, much like FireWire in the older days, while originally way ahead of its time, will be reduced to a niche market of very specialist applications in due time. USB isn't bad by any means, but they simply lag behind the industry always, probably because it's such a big and complicated committee. After all it took Apple to take it to market with any meaningful success, although it had technically been available for at least a year.   As long as they...
Shame they didn't upgrade the DGPU, too. It's not like the 750M is still top of the line.
It's all good and well, but the stupid pencil is still not available to buy outside of North America. Fail.
This doesn't make any sense. From a parts point of view, the 8GB phone will be no more than 8$ cheaper than the 16GB version. Yet it is essentially a crippled device that will give a lot of users a bad first experience when they run out of space after putting a few songs on it and recording a few pics and vids or even just installing one of the bigger apps, such as TomTom or a game like Infinity Sword 3.   What they need is cut margins at the sales price. They're not...
Instantly reminded me of the Master in Fallout 1.  
Buying back stock without the intention of taking the company private all the way is a nonsensical Wallstreet move. Nothing is gained, no value is added from a perspective of the company. And that's the perspective I like to have when I make decisions concerning my investments.
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