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If a valuation is only supposed to be based on the net profits a company gets each year, then yes, your logic would hold. In the old days, buying stock was called buying shares. Meaning you bought part of the company as a commitment, because you believed in what they did and wanted to help them finance new investments. That time is sadly long gone. People just care about their own profits now and the company as well as their work is irrelevant as long as the stock prices...
Stock is down 42.46$ as of this moment. It seems Apple has finally attracted the attention of "investors" that nobody really wants. It's a sick world we live in, where you can post a profit of over 13 billion and be punished for it by an 8% stock drop.   This is ridiculous.   P.S.: That also means by buying today, you'll make 8% profit within a week's time.
Instead of focusing on the currently still irrelevant fact that the SoC is only 32bit, you should have noticed that the camera is a 16MP phase detection autofocus unit. Autofocus right now is arguably the weakest point of Apple's cameras. If Samsung pulls this off well, this may take them a significant step ahead.
I couldn't help but notice there seemed to be a few facts that got mixed up on their website. The PowerMac 8500 wasn't the first Mac with A/V capabilities. That would have been the Quadra 840av.   And the Macintosh TV wasn't the only black Apple desktop before the nMP, unless you absolutely want to define the blackish appearance of the 20th anniversary Mac as "not black". I guess technically, this is true, but everybody I know always considered that black.
Just lost a mid 2010 MBP to a failed mainboard after some heavy lifting. Would only boot to a gray screen after POST and would not boot from any device, internal, external or networked and would not accept any keystrokes whatsoever. Repair is about 600$ in parts alone. Not happy. But at least I didn't waste money on Applecare that would only just have expired half a year ago.
And the male voice is going to be called Durandal? Or Tycho?
Crippling a product in the hope of gaining some marketshare by removing a 6$ piece of hardware, instead of just lowering the margin of the 16GB version by a few percent? If that?   Sounds like a stupid move.
We'll obviously be seeing the arrival of a revamped line of MBAs and Mac minis in the first half of 2014. I'm still not convinced the iPad Pro is in fact going to happen as predicted. The bigger screens could also just be for a new MBA. With a new, narrow bezel, a 12.9" display could basically replace both the 13" MBA in terms of viewable real estate as well as the 11" in terms of package size. With the 13" rMBP, the 13" MBA seems like the odd one out anyway. As for the...
With the nMP now available and, apart from being very 1990s expensive, also very limiting in configurations, is it time for Apple to bring out a more modular line based on the current design?   I think so and I believe it could be achieved with relative ease.   Keep the same cylindrical shape but instead of only offering the 1 CPU, 1 GPU and 1 GPU with flash slot triumvirate, start making this configurable too.   What I can see would be a very attractive option for a...
After big brother was watching you, little sister is now also listening. That is definitely the last thing I'd want in my home.
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