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Fifth generation Air? Last time it checked, this was the first generation Air. Or the fifth generation iPad, if you will.
Not sure this is a particularly practical approach. As of today, all you need to charge a laptop with a solar panel is a car-12V-to-magsafe adapter and off you go. Doesn't matter what solar panel you have after that, as long as it can output at least 12V. The car to magsafe adapters are fairly small by now and pretty damn cheap, too.   In the future, if you didn't have a magsafe ready solar panel, you'd need an adapter from whatever socket the panel uses to whatever...
You don't save your money for 15 years to pointlessly give it away without ANY benefit to the company itself. I own Apple stock and I do not want people like Icahn anywhere near it. People like him are the reason why the financial industry keeps screwing up the entire world economy. Go frock yourself, Carl!
12" inch MacBook (Air arguably) would totally make sense. All they'd have to do is redesign the bezel of the current 11" so that the screen would once again be 16:10 format with a little less border and the total package would remain largely the same, ie very very portable yet fully functional. I love my 11" first gen Air, best computer I have ever owned.
They dropped the ball on Office a long time ago. The last version of Word I can remember to have been pleasant to use was Word 5.0 on the Mac... That was nearly 20 years ago.
8GB low cost version? Not going to happen. The savings from cutting off 8GB of flash storage would be negligible, while seriously limiting the usability of the device. If anything, they'll just cut the price of the existing one accordingly and in return ramp up the price for the retina model slightly.
Pretty much confirms that the 3G was a slow turd once you upgraded past iOS 3...
I wonder who exactly here is freaking delusional. If you have followed the IT market even just a tiny bit for the last 40 years, people have ALWAYS gone for the bigger numbers. Your comment quite frankly makes you look stupid.
Not having an iPad mini ready for the holiday seasons would be a very bad move. There must be millions of people only waiting to burn their money on one of these, arguably even more than there are waiting for the iPad 5. Not having this ready for the most important season of the year would definitely reflect on the stock market through the analysts.
Hardware-software integration, what is that?
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