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Pretty much confirms that the 3G was a slow turd once you upgraded past iOS 3...
I wonder who exactly here is freaking delusional. If you have followed the IT market even just a tiny bit for the last 40 years, people have ALWAYS gone for the bigger numbers. Your comment quite frankly makes you look stupid.
Not having an iPad mini ready for the holiday seasons would be a very bad move. There must be millions of people only waiting to burn their money on one of these, arguably even more than there are waiting for the iPad 5. Not having this ready for the most important season of the year would definitely reflect on the stock market through the analysts.
Hardware-software integration, what is that?
After Apple has successfully conquered our offices, ears and pockets, it's time to conquer our living rooms. The iTV or whatever it may be called is a logical consequence of all the products we have so far that are perfectly interacting with each other. AppleTV was a start, but looking at what the TV industry has to offer currently, especially from a usability point of view, there is a lot, and I mean a LOT of room for improvement.
You live next to the sea, in the US, where you're always alone in the car, do you?
With the recent scare and uncovering of all the surveillance going on, it seems a bad point in time to talk about introducing features that automatically combine location, calendar and other data to determine certain functions of the device. I am not sure this will be particularly popular with the majority of users.
Looks like for 1/10 of the price, you get a smarter, faster and more useable device like this one: Apart from obviously being too painfully slow to actually be used, the Gear also looks like a really cheap Chinese watch that you'd pull out of a bubblegum dispenser. They may be up there in terms of technology, but boy do they need a designer who can tell his arse from a hole in the ground...
Could be an iOS set top box to be connected to a TV. Sort of like an Xbox or PS3. A device that would act as a mix between an AppleTV and a MacMini, but run iOS and thus have access to a ton of games and apps, would arguably require beefier hardware than the normal AppleTV.   It also makes sense, it's exactly what they haven't covered so far.
    I'll remind you when it launches.
New Posts  All Forums: