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We won't find any common ground with our opinions here, which I thought was the whole point of the forum, exchanging opinions and such. I suddenly remember why I left this place years ago. Obviously some people think everything is just dandy and principle stands over ethics and morals at any point. Money rules it all and if it serves revenue, it must be good. Maybe the patenting system really hasn't changed much, but it's perception certainly has. I'm not a lawyer and I...
Which just shows how flawed the whole patenting system really has become. I really wonder where this is going to take us in 20-30 years.
Instead of being an ironic smartass, how about enlightening us with some of your vast knowledge on the topic then? Obviously you seem to know more than I do, because you think you can judge how much I know about it without doing as much as asking. In fact, you just commented on something that you don't know anything about, either. Point proven, Kthxbye.
I'm not saying their claims in this case are ridiculous, it just seems odd they still feel it's necessary to sue a company that is already bust. But judging by the flack I'm getting here, some of you clearly work for Apple's law department and have oh so much experience with lawsuits, so I'll leave this to those who know and the wiseasses who wish they did.
Unlike the majority of corporate America my understanding of patentable ideas is something that you actually invent, something new that has never been there before. The modern notion seems to be "how can I come up with a wording that makes idea X that has been around for 50 years sounds as though it's something new so I can patent it". And Apple is definitely guilty of that charge too. Given the proper patent lawyers, you might end up successfully patenting the wheel....
I am well aware of the various lawsuits going on against Apple, Mr. Condescending. However, it is nothing new that those who are doing well in a business are being sued by those who don't, which is the case in almost all of the currently active lawsuits against Apple. (Samsung as the classical competition elbowing suit, the iPad name claim as the archetypical "let's make some money with ridiculous claims" and various other cases that go in the same direction.) Apple...
Is this some kind of corporate necrophagia or is Apple just trying to become the most unsympathetic company in the world? Their lawsuits have taken on dimensions beyond the ridiculous.
Well, I said the same in 1997 when the share price was $13 and that was before two stock splits. I hate myself for being too chicken to spend all my savings on buying stock back then. I could be a millionaire now without lifting as much as a finger.
iPhone tethering an MBA works just fine, both over USB and Bluetooth, provided your carrier supports tethering in the first place. This however is hardly Apple's problem. I've been using my Air coupled with the iPhone many times. And the data volume is not significantly higher on the Air than on the iPhone, as long as you stick to the same tasks.
Maybe that's not the SIM slot but the cable connector? There doesn't seem to be a slot for that on the bottom, so maybe they swapped it around? Would actually make sense if you want to play games on the device: hold it horizontally and have it plugged in for continuous power without having the cable in the way.
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