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They could always add a 4-pin FireWire400 port, if they wanted to. That would certainly be small enough to fit anywhere. The question is, whether they actually have the space for the extra circuitry on the mainboard to accomodate FW in the first place.
how many of you guys have actually exchanged the stock drive from their MBA? I bet less than 10%. If the proprietary integration of storage allows for significant price and space savings, that's all good. It's a logical step forward from proprietary batteries to optimize charge/space ratio while sacrificing user replaceability.
So the white iPhone 4 will simply be unavailable undefinitely until iPhone 5 is available, or what?
so what about the white phone?
You know, what about the WHITE iPhone? Wasn't that supposed to be released a couple of weeks after the launch of the black one? It's been like 3 months now and still no sign of the damn thing. How hard can it be to find a white paint that sticks to gorilla glass?
Tomorrow is September 30th, so the free bumper promotion ends and rumor had it that something else is coming up. Those rumors have been very silent recently, however, so I wonder: is anything going to happen at all, or can I proceed and order an iPhone 4 now?
and what happened to 10.6.5? Still waiting for the OpenGL fix, so I can finally update.
So what's the update on what will happen AFTER Sept. 30? I still think they are going to release the iPhone 4.1 in black AND white with some sort of hardware fix.
Oh they ARE going to fix the hardware, if not in a revision after Sept. 30, then surely for iPhone 4S or 5 or whatever it may be called. Apple is not stupid, they will learn from this.
This whole thing is just very unusual for Apple because for once, this was very, very bad PR management. It was pretty clear there was a real issue underneath all this (reproducable hardware problem, explanation for why it slipped through QA, strange concidence with the bumpers in Apple's offering, test mode being disabled in iOS 4 (that would have shown dBm values), alledged responses and actual responses from Apple and Apple Support staff etc etc.). This eventually just...
New Posts  All Forums: