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What those of you who don't have an MBP to compare the MBA to may be missing is that the keys on the MBA are already considerably more shallow than on the MBP. I'm pretty sure it was a space issue. They simply couldn't spare the extra 2mm to fit a backlight under an already slimmed down keyboard. Either way, while it may be a missing feature to some, it's certainly not a dealbreaker. You either need an ultraportable, or you don't.
Probably not newbs, but succumbing to the usual media hype about a negative aspect of an otherwise widely appraised apple product. You know, as a journalist, you're always supposed to write a balanced story or review, so you feel a lot of peer pressure not simply raving about something, but instead, apparently writing a "solid" review that lists pros and cons. With Apple's media attention and coverage being widely very positive, you're hard pressed to actually find...
no, but it's a gimmick, just like itunes control buttons on the keyboard or an ambient light sensor.
I know a lot of people who were late today because of this here in Switzerland. Those are moments when I love my ancient, radio controlled alarm clock. In other news, Steve Jobs was heard being furious on the phone with the World Energy Council, demanding the abolition of DST.
There's always someone who complains. If they had left the backlit keyboard in, people would be complain about it now having gotten any smaller or having poor battery life when they type a letter on it in a perfectly dark room, using the one finger at a time method. Or they'd complain about the keyboard reflecting on the glossy screen or something else.
I don't understand what's so important about backlit keyboards. Until something like 8 years ago, nobody even knew backlit keyboards. Plus, if you're typing black on white background, the screen is plenty bright enough to let you see the keys too, if you absolutely need to see them. I applaud Apple for shaving off more thickness instead of adding the illuminated keyboard on top. I don't miss it at all.
Just got my 11" yesterday. Fantastic machine. Definitely beats the iPad. Only real drawback is the lack of 3G, which can of course be compensated with an iPhone tether, but still, that wouldn't have used a lot of space and would have made it that much more versatile. Other than that, it's fantastic!
So the MBP with i5 or i7 is faster by a big margin? And you get wet when standing in rain, too!
Yes, please, it gives me goosebumps and makes you look like a complete tech illiterate.
I'm sure it did. I'm also pretty sure Steve doesn't really give a shit about the gaming market on the Mac still, though. And that may also have been solidified by this deal. Remember how he wanted to turn the Mac into the best gaming platform there is, back in 1998? What has become of that? Then again, the future of games is not in the PC either. It's in iOS and consoles. Sad, but true.
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