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Yes, please, it gives me goosebumps and makes you look like a complete tech illiterate.
I'm sure it did. I'm also pretty sure Steve doesn't really give a shit about the gaming market on the Mac still, though. And that may also have been solidified by this deal. Remember how he wanted to turn the Mac into the best gaming platform there is, back in 1998? What has become of that? Then again, the future of games is not in the PC either. It's in iOS and consoles. Sad, but true.
I hear it's more portable than a MacPro, too!
App Store and Mac App Store, I guess?
How can people get so upset about this? I've had two MBP (2007 and 2010 models) with backlit keyboards and while it's nice, I hardly ever use it, because I hardly ever look at the keyboard. If you're typing by sight still, you might want to invest your time and effort into learning how to type 10 finger system, instead of complaining about the lack of backlit keyboard, which was the standard for any computer until quite recently and still isn't present in most laptops you...
I can only assume it's because DDR2 RAM is almost legacy these days. Thus production is decreasing worldwide, which drives prices up. If you want to find spare parts for a 1950 car these days, they come at a considerable price. Same thing with old computer hardware.
They could always add a 4-pin FireWire400 port, if they wanted to. That would certainly be small enough to fit anywhere. The question is, whether they actually have the space for the extra circuitry on the mainboard to accomodate FW in the first place.
how many of you guys have actually exchanged the stock drive from their MBA? I bet less than 10%. If the proprietary integration of storage allows for significant price and space savings, that's all good. It's a logical step forward from proprietary batteries to optimize charge/space ratio while sacrificing user replaceability.
So the white iPhone 4 will simply be unavailable undefinitely until iPhone 5 is available, or what?
so what about the white phone?
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