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That probably already is a custom shaped drive, and they didn't want a slot in there, they wanted it to close up nicely. Nice machine, worst expansion options to date, ie buy it, use it and when it starting to date (to outdate), you can sell it on ebay or trash it. Apple's anti expansion, anti upgrading policy is frightening people away from the platfrom, which is VERY bad. Now I want at least 1.6GHz G5 by MWNY or this might be the only and last computer I've ever...
Nono, Apple is actually entering the pron market with their new "iPron" (pronounced "apron") service, for some high end lust factor satisfaction. Of course at about 50$/day. G-news
I don't give a damn how they market it, as long as they don't call it G4 2000+ or something. G-News
No speed bumped PowerMacs, yeah right, that's be an industry first...and last. G-News
I keep saying this, but aparently people just won't listen. If you know a little about what it takes to port software to x86, how Apple makes its money etc etc, Mac OS X on Wintel is the most unlikely and impossible option of them all. Even the satellite link broadband makes more sense. But then again it's probably a teenagers dream to be able to buy a "fancy peecee", keep up with the Wintel friends in terms of bragging, while sticking with OS X...forget it. G-news
If you rethink that thesis, you'll see that it's crap. G-News
Maybe the source was Italian 1800 Lira for an iMac, why not. G-News
Given the G4, even the Apollo flavor, is unlikely to ever surpass 1.5 or 1.6GHz, I'll be waiting for the G5, even though my machine is 3 years old now. I have upgraded it to a G4 466, that's fine for most stuff so far and will be for a little while. Getting a faster G4 will only increase performance linearly, and I want some exponential blast next time. If Apple is ever going to just ahead of PCs again, it will the during the switch from G4 to G5, as it was during the...
If you have ever owned a K1 or K2 case (8600, 9600, Beige G3 tower) you know what the shortcomings of the B&W and Graphite/QS cases are, in fact they are quite severe. Liquid cooling for the ultimate in silence? That was an ironic joke, was it? You probably know that these need a pump and/or a compressor...Ever heard one of them at work...sleep besides your fridge for a night and you'll know. G-News
I'd say MWNY is G5 time, in fact it has to be, as the G4 will have topped out by then. The G5 is key to Apple's survival, a hell lot of long time Mac users are seriousl looking at PCs these days. G-News
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