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Apple Notes works perfectly fine for me. Smart and simple!
 No offence but I think the other way around. American cars look, feel and drive like crap and garbage compared to European cars, imo. I drive Range Rover and BMW (Benz in the past) and can not think of driving anything else. Japanese are ok. So it's just a matter of personal preference and what type of your personality is. ;-)
Undoubtedly a sad moment. The last time I was sad from Apple was when they discontinued MBP 17" and now this is the 2nd time. I really enjoy using Aperture and am quiet used to of it but don't know what's gonna happen. I will keep using Aperture, but it is so sad that we will never see an update again. ....and yes I don't fucking care about their iOS, iOS devices and integration with OS X as I am bored with those toys. ...to those who keep throwing ideas to use...
 Tim has yet to prove that he is the right replacement of Steve. And it might take years. I don't want Apple to become just another mobile phone company and only to be remembered as an iPhone maker.
I just returned 5S for the sake of 6. Will wait.
I miss Steve Jobs as well. In my opinion, Apple will never be the same, no matter who is driving the company. Don't know whether it will be better or worst in the future, after Steve, but companies need to make tough decisions, and that only Steve had guts to make. I personally did like his low tolerance behaviour when it comes to sacrificing on quality of Apple's product.
In 2014, I would expect it to be under $10 forever use, if not totally free. Otherwise no thanks iWork is enough for me.
I would love to use Numbers on Mac but I hate to see it lacks tons of features that Excel has. Moreover, Numbers now lacks lots of features that existed in previous version. The top top reasons for me not to use are... 1. You can no longer sum by selecting the multiple cells first, containing different values, and click sum from fx function to get the total. You will actually need to type in sum in cell and then select the cells to get the total. Such a basic thing but...
I agree with saarek. One year warranty is not enough, it should be two years as we pay the premium price for premium product which deserve to have a premium warranty. Every manufacturers whether its Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, LG, they all have standard 1 year warranty on their products. Apple's computer are undoubtedly way better than any other in the market today and if one would pay an extra hard-earned cash to get the premium product, it deserve to have an advantage for...
I too am frustrated with iOS7. It might be working fine on iPhone 4S or above but my iPhone 4 has become turtle, really. Every time I do something on it, It reminds me of running Windows Vista on pentium 1 machine, not to mention I have 5 Macs. But my iPhone is now damn slow. It's ridiculous as well that I can't go back to iOS 6. I even ended up with clean install of OS twice but it is darn slow. But if that's what Apple has planned to force users to buy newer and speedy...
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